-It would be good if the national archive had the files and folders of the citizens’ DNA codes. Could help a lot in time, when a giant archive piles up, to detect the illnesses and also to set a more secure environment by raising the investigation standarts…

Every citizen’s DNA code.

Nothing that hard actually… Could be done at the elementary school level or even at birth certificate marking…


-Since 20,000 years… How many liters did the humanity piss since all that time all together?


13:31               15th of January 2018                       Istanbul                       Bahadir Gezer


I’m so motivationless… I don’t feel excitement… I don’t understand the stories of the trees anymore. I ‘m afraid it’s not me who forgot how to listen. The worst is actually I think that the trees don’t tell anymore. Trees don’t bother to tell to me.

Maybe it’s because I couldn’t attract the worth value to their stories.

Maybe it’s because I don’t walk out into the woods during nights anymore.

I remember how the trees developed the “Bug aquarium in Paris” synopsis…

I just hope that it’s temporary.

I still don’t have an island in the Aegean Sea.

14:19                 17 Feb 2018                                     Istanbul                              Bahadir Gezer



If it’s passed, wait what do you mean “crazy night?”… Crazy in the meaning of what? Crazy food? Crazy drink? Crazy bangization? I don’t… why the fickiy did you start with the last night? I am not a 24 kind of person… I am with 00… Carrying last to the new…

This was suppose to be romantic declaration of the moment… But again a try;

As soon as a sound comes from your body, mouth, bones and butt even, I recognize you… Your voice just makes a wordless status appear at my being… So, surrounded with withoutness, your appearance in any way or kind or shape or temperature makes this, all this, become to be able to be called as the being.

The date 22.2.2222

12:07    22.2.2018      Thursday                Istanbul                             Bahadır Gezer



Emotion… motion… notion?.. the art and epidemic of saying, feeling: no?

“I am a notionist, so buzz off!”

Even in the ID card, if the citizen desires it says “notionist” already on the card so the officers do not ask any question that would  be  answered with a “yes” or “no”.

If you are a “yesist” they can ask questions like those, because they’ll know that your answer would/will be a “yes”.

“But then notionism has a clear advantage over yesism!”



“ok… I see it; you ar a yesist.”

“no I ain’t”

“oh! I’m sorry… welcome to notionist club.”


“no to your no!”

“to your no which said no to my no; I say no!”

“Then I say nose to you!”

“What? What does nose have to do with this?”

“That’s the plural of no.”

“What? Shit. Ok then… yeah… I accept being a notionist.”

“You just said the opposite word of no, so you can’t be within our group.”

“You know what?”

“No. Not compeletly but What is a solid man who is trying to earn some money to bring back to his country. He is a hard working and an honest man. And he is our friends.”

“What the fuc?..”

“No. I don’t want to what the fuck.”

“What does whating the fuck even mean?”

“It’s fucking so crazy that you even wouldn’t know what’s going on during sex. That’s when you what the fuck.”


17:03                           7 March 2018                        Istanbul                      Bahadir Gezer


It doesn’t make sense: “I understood but I just wasn’t aware of it.”


“I mean I understood what was going on but I wasn’t aware of my understanding.”

“What the koala?”

“Koala mı? What connection with koala?”

“Kangroo then.”

“I’ve seen a documentary about a koala living in the pocket of a kangroo.”

“No way!”

“I mean I understood that it was fake documentary but while I was watching it I believed everything I’ve seen and heard. So, I understood it. But it was nothing to be understood. So I understood nothing I guess..”

“Whoaa?! You solved nothingness?!!”

“Excuse me?”

“No! I won’t! If nothing becomes something to understand, then every single freaking moment would be full with all sorts of shit and senses and business and constantly getting tired and shit and shit over that shit!”

“You see… I didn’t understand a word from what you just said but I understood that you are saying something that’s connected with ‘no’.”

“Ok. You understood.”

“Understood nothing becomes something or anything and if that is so then another so would be not good.”

“What the fuck are you saying? Where did you learn English?”

“In America. Why?”

“At what age started you to learn this language?”

“15 or 16.”

“And in America you said, right?”


“You don’t understand shit.”


13:33        8 March 2018     Thursday                       Istanbul                          Bahadir Gezer


“I don’t understand not nothing but not much.”


14:10         8 March 2018                                  Istanbul                      Bahadir Gezer


Placing gifts underneath the giant Christmas Tree in New York City? Chaos? Plunder?

“Free gifts!”


“Gimme that you punk!”

“That’s mine!”

“Watch out watch out!”

“Stop climbing the tree!”

“I’m gonna get that star and keep it for my family! So; back off!”

“Watch out watch out; cops are approaching!” Cops on horses! Lıkıdak lıkıdak lıkıdak!


“Look at those bastards! They are loading the gifts into a truck!”

“Gimme my gift!”



“I couldn’t get a gift from underneath the Giant Tree.”

“Oh no, why?”

“There just wasn’t any… They told me that it was a joke.”


14:17              8 March 2018                                                    Istanbul                           Bahadir Gezer




“is less awareness better?”

“about what?.. for instance about nastyness it is good, yeah, i mean less awarenes can be good.”



23:29           9 Marth 2018             Cuma                      İstanbul          Bahadır Gezer


Factuals in tv to just intervien with the actuals, personally… openly… actuals of those factuals are many times not even aware about what the factuals are upto. So… maybe the the factuals should stick to their actionized scripts.

It’s like Jim Carrey is in a movie, and the movie is played  in a house on tv and he actually curses nasty but extreme nasty curses. Is Jim -I mean the actual- is aware of that factual -of his actuality- be doing? I would assume no. Actual-Factual…

“So is the appearance factual?”

“Any mark that you leave-live on is factual.”

“True. Experience is as factual as it gets.”


23:39                9 March 2018             Friday                            Istanbul                            Bahadir Gezer



What happens when your best man dies before the you know…

16:03                  naapçan tarihi? He? Naapçan la n?                            İstanbul             Bahadır Gezer



“getting bored?”

No, got.


17:24                15 March 2018  Thursday                            Istanbul                Bahadır Gezer