Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Yüz Yaşında Bahadır Gezer
100 Years of the Republic of Turkey Bahadir Gezer

100 Years of Republic

Declaration and Recognition of the Republic of Turkey… As for 29 October 2023 the Turkish Republic is going to be as young as a century.

At a geography that democracy is difficult to find, this achievement of the Turk is a bright sample for many newly developing countries and nations around the world.

The Turkish Revolution that Vet. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has led, has been a story of glory against the combinational invasion of the most powerful nations of a century ago. They was Britain, France, Italy and Russia. We do not grudge. But yet we will not forget.

If we show a little weakness, they will dare.

How is the performance of the Republic? We have constant troubles that we need to act about. At Cyprus and Aegean Sea the natural existence right of the Turks in struggle. A Turkish home for 600 years; Crimea is crying. At Eastern Turkistan, Uighur Turks are facing forced assimilation. Arabia needs water. Africa needs water. We still couldn’t take Crescent and Star up to the Moon. We got a lot to do.

We; the Republic of Turkey are producing an important portion of the World production all together. Despite the terror incidents, we had not gone into war during a century except the Cyprus Peace Action in 1974.

2 out of 5 of our national economy is off the record. So the World thinks we are 5 but we are actually 9.  

Istanbul is ours. New Rome’s language is Turkish.

We provide security&protection, trust and friendship to our allies.

The Republic of Turkey has been, is and will be always on the good side of the humanity.

Personal freedom of expression, independence of faith and the natural right of existing are our intense lines. We do not accept injustice over these.

The World is witnessing the 100th Year of the Turkish Republic. You are welcome the Mother Earth.

As for now, people outside are cursing towards homes. The level of radical fundamentalism has taken control of the government for about 25 years now. The morality rate is -%. People don’t know how to clean, how to dress, nor how to appear. As for now.

Still; republic is our culture. Republic is our Northern Star.

One thing that republic has taught us in a century:


Happy Birthday the Republic of Turkey!

Happy 100th anniversary for the Turkish Nation!