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"Turkmen in Syria

There is a large ethnic Syrian Turkmen minority in Syria, numbering over 100,000. The community descends from Central Asian Turkic migrants who arrived in the region with the Turkic Seljuk conquest of Syria in 1055. Numerous other waves of migration followed. The Turkmen population is concentrated in the northern part of Syria, which borders with Turkey. The Turkmen are predominantly Sunni Muslim." says Harvard Divinity School

Mostly correct information. The only thing is that the Seljuk Turks did not conquer Syria. Seljuks conquered a region of Eastern Roman Empire which later got called as Syria.

"The connection between Turkmen and their origins in Turkey may have been ambiguous during the pre-war years. However, the Syrians diaspora, and especially those who have arrived in Turkey, were enabled to seek their historical ties, and for various reasons.

Over the past eight years, Turkey has offered the option of permanent settlement for a large number of Syrians, including Turkmen. In Turkey, they have found more than cultural growth and sustainable development, as they have felt in its alleys, and in the spirit of its people, an ancient affinity. Turkey bears the marks of undeniable similarity to Syria, but also distance that is difficult to fathom.

This obscure familiarity prompted Syrians to turn to their history and their roots, rediscovering the missing connections which were suppressed by decades of civilizational recession that prevailed in Syria in the modern era. Now, they are rereading their history, and reformulating their understanding of their common lived reality along with the “foreign Ottoman occupiers”.
Who Are Turkmen?

Turks, or Turkmen, are nomadic peoples who came from Central Asia to Anatolia. They rose to prominence after carrying the banner of Islam and leading its followers. They entered Syria under various names, such as Mamluks, Seljuks, Zengis and then Ottomans. When Turks left Syria in the early twentieth century, many Turkmen families had already settled in Syria and considered it their homeland.

Turkish culture and language have perished for a section of Syrian Turkmen, due to the policies of assimilation (Arabization) under the French mandate and since then. With time, many Turkmen became indistinguishable from Arabs, except in areas inhabited by a large concentration of them, where they maintained their Turkish identity, and continued to use their language.

The Syrian regime did not recognize Turkmen as a minority, so their numbers cannot be accurately measured in the civil registries. They are registered as religiously Muslim, while no official statistics exist according to the ethnic classification of the population in Syria. However, a hard look into the Syrians’ ancestries will reveal the great influence of Turkmen in Syrian life, and their contributions to its rich culture."

The reason why the "foreign Ottoman occupiers" is quoted is because that phrase is popular among the illiterate and uneducated population of Arabs and Persians. Simply the reason why that phrase is in quote is that; it is not true.  Turks captured Middle East from Eastern Roman Empire and therefore the impact of Islam and the freedom of practicing was provided. And that's why the Arabs have never seen Turks as occupiers up until the British and French entered to the area. British and French promoted nationalism. That's good, ok... But it is not Arab nationalism. It is Syrian and Iraqi and Palestinian and Egyptian nationalism and more. Even though Arab is a nation, no one wanted promote Arab nationalism.

This page is not fully about the current status in Syria. Still what can easily be said is that: dictator must leave, free elections must be settled, terrorists (everyone who is holding an illegal -uncertified, without receipt- gun) shall be elliminated, water-electricity and transportation infrastructure must be built.

And these spread to branches: we need to cut the support of the dictators and terrorists in Syria. The countries who wanna have military bases and priviliges in Syria are giving support to the dictator and the terrorists.

Eventhough Asad is a secular figure in the middle of an ignorant and radical geography, he still is a dictator. Since i was born, Syria has been and is being governed by Asads... That is wrong. That is dicta.

15 and more years in governance? That is dicta. That is bad. Stability doesn't come from constancy, it comes by renovation.

May God make our ending come good.

Suriye. Türkiye. Esad'ın Rus yapımı Mig jetleri Arap çoluk çocuğu bombalarken Türk F16'ları hangarlarında bekledi. 3 milyon Suriyeli'ye kapıyı açmayı marifet zannedenler eziktir. Türkiye 3 milyon komşusunun evinden olmasına göz yumacak bir milletin devleti değildir. 3 milyon insan. Bu insanları korumak onların evlerinden atılmasına engel olmaktır. Kapıya dayananları içeri almak değil. Meksika'da kan gövdeyi götürse Amerika duracak mı? İrlanda'da kan gövdeyi götürünce İngiltere duracak mı?

Suriye'ye askeri müdahale o günlerde Meclis'imize gelmedi bile. Hep okyanus üstünden Avrupa'dan "Tamam. Türkiye, Suriye'ye müdahale et haydi." minvalinde bir tepki beklendi. Ne kadar sefil bir durum. Savaş ilanımızı başkası yapsın istedi mevcut Türkiye yönetimi.

Türkiye kendi başına doğruyu yapabilecek seviyede bir ülkedir. G20 üyesidir. Böyle bir ülke yanı başında milyonlarca insan katledilirken ordusunu kışlada tutmuşsa, bu kepazeliktir.

"Ama İngiltere izin vermedi, Amerika 'olur, tamam' demedi!" dedim ya; tam bir rezillik.

                                                                                                                                                                                         Bahadır Gezer

Syrian Turks