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Turkish Mediterranean fort
Malabadi Bridge Diyarbakir Turkey

Beylerbeyi Palace Istanbul Royal Ottoman Palace

Valide-i Atik Mosque Ottoman Center Istanbul Turkey

Turkish Airforce

S400 Missile System on drill

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Turkish Atak Helicopter

the New Mosque Eminonu Istanbul Turkey
Atak Helicopter
Solo Turk

Atak Helicopter

Bluemosque Istanbul Turkey
Kutahya Turkey fortress

Turkish Airforce

The Fortress of Atioch

imperial Ottoman bridge Kozluca
Turk F16
Turkish Airforce

Ishak Pacha Fortress

Turkish Assault Helicopter

Shepherd Papa Bridge Erzurum Turkey

Pigeon Castle Turkey

Rumeli Fortress

Imperial Ottoman Bridge Adana

Ihlamur Mansion

Mosque of Suleyman Istanbul Turkey
Turkish Airforce fleet

Turkish Mediterranean Fort

Turkish Army Missile System S400


Hippodrome the City of Istanbul Turkey

Dolmabahce Palace

imperial Turkish bridge Hamidiye
Dolmabahce Palace Imperial Ottoman Palace Istanbul Turkey

Turk F16

Alanya Fort Turkey

Alanya Turkey fortress Turkish stronghold on Mediterranean
the fort of Adrianpolis Turkey Edirne

fortress of Sinop

Turkish ATAK Helicopter
Anatolia is Turkey

Turkish Mediterranean Fort of Bodrum

Turkish Airforce fleet


Turkish Airforce
Pigeon Castle Turkish Mediterranean fortress

Fortress of Izmir

Topkapi Palace primary Ottoman Palace in Istanbul Turkey
Long Bridge Edirne Turkey imperial Turkish structure
Castle of Hatay Turkey

Castle of Hatay

Mecidiye Mansion Ottoman Istanbul Turkey
Turkish Army missile system S400
German Bridge Adana Turkey

Ortakoy Mosque

Turkish Airforce fleet

Dolmabahce Palace Gate Ottoman Empire Palace

Turkish author

Flag of the Republic of Turkey

Valide-i Atik Mosque - Uskudar

the primary Ottoman Palace Topkapi Palace in Istanbul Turkey
Syrian Turks Mesopotamia
İshak Paşa fortress Turkish imperial structure

Mihribah Mosque - Uskudar

Topkapi Palace in Istanbul
Diyarbakir Turkey fortress
Mihribah Mosque in Uskudar Istanbul Turkey

The Bridge of Hamidiye

Selimiye Mosque - Istanbul

imperial Ottoman Bridge Adana Turkey
imperial Ottoman Mosque Yildiz Mosque Istanbul Turkey

Laleli Mosque - Istanbul

Greentomb Bursa Turkey
Ottoman Architecture at its highest Selimiye Mosque in Edirne Turkey
Aynalikavak Ottoman Mansion Istanbul Turkey
Turkish Airforce fleet
Ihlamur Mansion Istanbul Turkey

Turkish Armed Forces helicopter

Dolmabahce Palace Istanbul Turkey
Turkish author Amazon Bahadir

Turkish F16 fleet

Selimiye Mosque Uskudar Istanbul Turkey
S400 Missile System Turkey

Fortress of Ankara

Fort of Sile Turkey

Turkish Mediterranean fort of Bodrum Turkey

Erzurum Fortress Turkey

Solo Turk F16

the Fort of Adrianpolis Edirne

the fortress of Antioch Turkey
Laleli Mosque Ottoman Architecture Istanbul Turkey
Fortress of Izmir Turkey Turkish strongold at Mediterranean

Flag of the Ottoman Empire

American and Turkish F16's messing around
Ottoman Flag
Turkish Mysticism Konya Turkey
Maslak Mansion Ottoman Architecture Istanbul Turkey

Diyarbakir Fortress

Turkish Mysticism Konya Turkey

Ottoman Imperial Irgandi Bridge Bursa Turkey
Iraqi Turks Mesopotamia

Shepherd Papa Bridge Erzurum

fortress of Sinop Turkey Turkish castle at Blacksea

Topkapi Palace in Istanbul

Bridge Antalya Turkey

German Bridge Adana Turkey

Atak Helicopter
S400 Missile System launching

Ottoman Imperial Irgandi Bridge Bursa Turkey

Topkapi Palace Istanbul Turkey

Castle of Mersin Turkey Turkish military structure
Ortakoy Mosque Istanbul Turkey
Osmanlı İmparatorluğu Devlet-i Alîyye

Yildiz Palace Ottoman Royal residence Istanbul

Beylerbeyi Palace Istanbul Royal Ottoman Palace
Fatih Mosque Istanbul Turkey the Mosque of the Conquerer

Dolmabahce Palace - Imperial Turkish Ottoman Palace - Istanbul

Yildiz Palace Ottoman Royal residence Istanbul Turkey
Fort of Şile Turkey Turkish castle at Blacksea

Maslak Mansion

Ottoman Empire Armed Forces
Turkish imperial bridge Çankırı Turkey

Ottoman Architecture at its highest -Selimiye Mosque - Edirne

Aynalikavak Ottoman Mansion

Bluemosque - Sultanahmet Mosque

Malabadi Bridge Diyarbakir

Turkish and American F16's messing around

Fatih Mosque Istanbul Turkey - the Mosque of the Conquerer

Turkish Airforce fleet

Imperial Bridge in Istanbul

the Republic of Turkey Turkish Union
Topkapi Palace Istanbul Turkey

Mecidiye Mansion

Interglobal traffic is at highest due to the unique positioning of the City.

S400 Missile System Turkey

Turkish Assault Helicopter
imperial bridge at Istanbul Turkey
Shahzadeh Mosque in Istanbul Turkey

Suleymaniye Mosque

Atak Helicopter

Long Bridge Edirne

Erzurum Turkey fortress

Topkapi Palace - Ottoman Palace - Istanbul

Dolmabahce Palace Gate Ottoman Empire Palace
transparent about Turkey
the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Topkapi Palace- primary Ottoman Palace in Istanbul

Shahzadeh Mosque - Istanbul

Küçüksu Ottoman Mansion Istanbul Turkey

Narli Koy Bridge

Turkish imperial Bridge of Cankiri

Solo Turk

Kutahya Fortress

bridge Antalya Turkey

Imperial Ottoman Mosque - Yildiz Mosque

Double Bridges Artvin

Greentomb - Bursa - Turkey

The New Mosque - Eminonu

Kucuksu Mansion

S400 Missile System on drill

One thing is clear and obvious: Turkey officially is the successor of the Ottoman Empire. Ottoman was monarchy, now the state is a republic. Turkey is officially the successor of the Ottomans agreed by the international response. This means that after her declaration of republic, Turkey has paid all the international depth that the Ottoman dynasty has owed to all around. From 1923 to 1950’ies Turkey kept paying. This is a proof of Ottoman Empire to be the predecessor of the Republic of Turkey.

The history of civilization had outstanding times of might and peace. Those times (or ages some might say) have been named PAX. The civilization had rare states to take the responsibility of the globe and distribute security, health, education and justice among mass geography for centuries. Until now, the world had witnessed 4 different PAX. These are:

Pax Romana (Roman Empire)

Pax Ottomana (Ottoman Empire)

Pax Britannica (British Empire)

Pax Americana (United States of America)


The Republic of Turkey, in terms of security is in must to endure a decisive military strength. That’s because many of the upstanding Turkish families have/had estimates at Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Arabia and more. This is not a joke. Many families migrated to Anatolia from those places during the nationalist uprise among the globe. These families have land registers of Ottoman Empire. But there’s no Ottoman Empire over those lands anymore. So, who owns the land now? This might sound like a joke, but this is actually a very complicating question. This fact makes it for the successor Turkey to support an outstanding army and navy.


The Republic of Turkey stands in between Europe and Iran. One has to think about this. What do you think Iran would do if she was bordering with Greece and Bulgaria? You got it; Iran would invade without hesitate. That means war. That means loss of lives. Turkey also absorbs so much of the European targeted migration from Arabia, India, Caucasia and Central Asia.


Back to the beginning: let’s just not forget that the Republic of Turkey has paid for the Ottoman depth. Italy did not pay the depth of the Roman Empire after it collapsed. But Turkey did.


Also arts&sciences are crucial for a culture to set a pax. Therefore the architectural land marks are also very important.


It can be said that the Pax Ottomana was the inverted version of the Pax Romana. Romans used all their state funds for to finance the glamourity of the capitals: Rome/Constantinople. Ottomans used a different style. The Turks have built mosques, universities, hamams, bridges etc. all around the Empire. Many of the Ottoman works of construction had been destroyed during the Balkan War and World War I and II. Some countries having independency earned from Ottoman Empire, purposely erased the Ottoman Turkish structures.


Also; looking only on Istanbul from outerspace one might think of this: “The authority which rules at this spot -Istanbul- should have borders of this wide.” pointing Gibraltar and the Alps, Red Sea, Blacksea, Caucasia, Balkans, Anatolia and Mesopotamia. Because this the geographical aura of Istanbul. You can see it just by looking at her from above. Let’s not forget that Napoleon had declared that Istanbul would do a well capital for the World.


As a Turk, one must admit that the Republic of Turkey is spending a lot on armament, but let’s just not forget that the founder of the state of the Republic of Turkey, Atatürk, has set 3 main agendas for the new governance: 1-Security, 2-Industry, 3-Forestry …

It's sord of shocking to see forestry at the top 3 agendas of the new regime. But Atatürk truly believed that the Turks should be planting forests among Anatolia. “The homeland shall be green” he thought.

The first is security. For sure. Turkey was established while she was under invasion of England, Russia, Italy and France all together. The feeling of this should be very depressing. All the major powers of the World to unite in order to share the Ottoman territory? Do you see any light of victory against this? In today’s terms this is like USA, China, Russia and Germany attacking to another country. Would you think that that country could have any chance? Turkey has done it. But deep in the root of the shelves of memory the Turk again reunderstood the vitality of the Turkish Armed Forces. The trauma of the War of Survival always is fresh at Turkish hearth.

Looking at the World map, the central circle contains Alexandria and Istanbul. And Istanbul has a nicer climate. Also, Anatolia, being the land of emergence of the civilization itself is very out on spotlight.

Romania, Hungary, Poland, Argentina, Uruguay, Malesia and many more countries do not have to withhold a very strong army. Which is a good thing.


This explanatory is because of the sense of this site looking too militaristic.     

Air connections of Istanbul
Turkish F16 fleet
Turkish F16 Fighting Falcon on patrol
Turkish Armed Forces helicopter
Fortress of Ankara Turkish imperial construction
Narli Koy Bridge old Ottoman Birdge

17th Century A.D. :P A X  O T T O M A N A

Turkish F16 Figthing Falcon on patrol

Turkish Airforce Fleet

Imperial Ottoman Bridge Kozluca

Solo Turk

S400 Missile System launching

Semsi Pacha Mosque - Uskudar

Double Bridges Artvin Turkey

Castle of Mersin Turkey Turkish medieval military structure

Uskudar Istanbul Turkey
Turkish Chronology