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-How would you answer the door when after you hear “I am Turkish! Open the door!” right after the door has rang?

“I seize this car in the name of Turkishness!”

“I welcome you sincerely into the Turkishood.”

“Tell me the English speaking person! Am I? Am I Turk or Turkish?!”

“Turkization, Turkology (that’s actually a thing by the way), Turkiatry, Turker Turk; the Turkest!”


-In the long run of history, some nations have discovered some inventions that have shaped the World we live in today. I am not gonna be telling all the scientific breakthroughs that all the nations have performed.

But these shall not be avoided:

American; invented light bulb, telephone, television, computer, cars, planes etc…

Chinese; invented gunpowder and also compass

Greek; invented philosophy

English; invented football

Indian; invented multiple lives

Turkish; invented horseback riding, yeasting, metallurgy

Some nations deserve more credit you know… it’s the natural selection. Some do stuff. Some apply stuff.

By the way since American nation can be considered as a very young nation comparing with the rest, can you even guess what the Americans will do in like 2.000-3.000 years?


-U20 is the group of the least developed 20 countries. When they unite and be the U20, the World listens to them. Even more than they listen to the G20.


-I am not crying. It’s very hot. My eyes are sweating actually.


-Stressful single shot: she is watching… she is back at the safe zone, watching you shooting.

I did take a shot while a girl that I liked was watching. I did not miss but missed. It’s difficult to explain. But for sure; it was a stressful shot. If I would miss she would always be remembering that miss. Because that was the first time that she has seen me holding a rifle in my hand.


-Language has limitations… you gotta know how to make words: waterization, I’ve waterized the food.

It’s not just something; it’s somethinger.


-America: “Hey England; we know we beat the shit out of you but it’s not like we dislike you or anything… We can still be pals.”

Warmness towards Britain… Do you really think that England is so blastingly stupid?

Wake up America! It’s not up to your choice at this. Would England ever forgive America? Well that’s what this is about.

“Turk, what do you say about this?”

‘England… and forgiving… are just words colliding…’

“What would England do to regain the national land on American continent?”


-Why is potato a German national nutrition? I mean while I was in Germany, I ate boiled potatos, fried potatos, potatosalad, potato soup, mashed potato, potato here, potato there… everywhere, it’s the potato. In Germany I mean.

Potato is an American plant. It was imported from America to the European Continent. So how on Earth did it become the national kitchen figure of the Germans.

By the Brit! Brit! Look over here! I’m gonna ask you something…

“What’s is it Turk?”

What do you mean when you say ‘germ many’?

“Eeehhm… I got to run abi, we’ll chat later, I am gonna be late for the practice. Cheers…”

Watch out for the Germs that would be moving faster than you.


-Economy… Let me see… Numbers… Numbtion… Numby numb numb…

Economy; As a Turk, I want Turkish designed products to be produced in America. Just to write “Made in USA” on them… The Turkish leading firms like Beko, Casper, Vestel etc. should produce in USA. They should invest in America.

Why? Because “Made in USA” is the most prestigious tittle that any product can have. That’s the truth. You may argue about this but that’s the truth. Maybe Japanese and Germans can compute with that level of high standards. No other…

Therefore let’s say we open up a factory in USA and start producing our wash machines, dish washers, televisions, vacuum cleaners etc. in USA. The investing firm is Beko. One of the best known brands in Europe. For our customers to enjoy products that’re made in America we produce in USA. We do that for the benefits that the “Made in USA” image is providing us.

Computers… The Turkish firm Casper should produce computers in USA.

Do you actually understand where I’m going with this? Producing in USA is the most trustful action that any brand on this Earth can do.

But it’ difficult. The standards are high. Procedure is tight. You can not produce toys with cancer causing type of plastic in them like they produce in China. Do you understand? That’s why “Made in USA” is priceless.


-New York Fish Market. A fishing harbor.

Many in America keep saying that the water around NYC is so dirty that we can’t even fish there. That’s ahuge f**king lie!

Istanbul has 18 million people. 18 million! And Istanbul, geographically can actually be considered as  a small area. And we have fishing markets. We have fishing harbors. We do fish. We fish with baits next to Bosporus even!

I mean think about it; the Sun is rising, boats are approaching to the coast, tons of fish is brought by the fishers, some of the fish are still moving, as fresh as it gets, seagulls and cats are around, the crowd of New Yorkers are waiting to get some high quality nutrition… A fish harbor adds the city a character.


-Movie idea: Steven Seagal shooting a Mig fighter with a hand gun…


-Hey Dimitri! We want to return S400… fair marketing: if customer is not satisfied then she/he can return it to the seller and receive a refund.


Let me talk to your supervisor. (someone super)

“Yeah what’s it?”

Yeah I want a refund.

“Yeah no”


“No. Very no. No very much.”

But we were still gonna make purchases from you.

“Yeah? What for instance?”

Some space craft.

“No. We are not selling space stuff.”

The incapable Putin; you don’t even know how tall the Kremlin Palace is. Instead of becoming the will of people within the Russian state, you’ve become the spokesman of the state within the people.


-I assume that a reader who could find what’s as deep as this blog would know what NATO is. Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization… It’s a pact of Northern America and Europe. Basically I mean.

NATO was established decades ago. And it’s the strongest alliance there’s on the surface of the Earth.

What about NPTO? Northern Pacific Treaty Organization?

Is it impossible? Really? USA and Canada to set an alliance with S.Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malasia, Indonesia and Japan and more? Does that sound impossible?

Wouldn’t that serve as an insurance of peace among this giant geography?


-You will never make it: Earth Cooler. If you insist on trying, I would say take the elements and focus on them separately… Focus on Soil Cooler. Focus on Air Cooler. Water Cooler. When they will all function together maybe that can be called Earth Cooler. But you will never be able to point to a certain thing and call it an Earth Cooler.


-Human is less than primitive.

They know how to read. They are mostly illiterate. And even while human is able to transfer information from generation to another generation by the writings, same human has messed up the Earth. Lakes are drying, springs are dying, forests are diminishing, ice are melting, air quality is alarming etc… Human has messed up big time.

A primitive creature… If that creature touches the fire. It knows that fire hurts. And it doesn’t touch fire again. That’s the ability of learning. Getting lessons from experiences in order to not reapeat them again. Even a primitive creature can do that. It can not read nor write. But it can learn.

This is what makes human less than primitive. Although the ability to have complex intelligence, human still keeps of repeating the actions that hurts the fertility and safe development. Still human is destroying the habitat. This is what makes human less than primitive. Even though the human is gifted with high talent and superiority, still the same human is incapable of doing what even the primitive creatures can commit.

Do you know how many life forms will distinguish just because you want humans to live as long as the existence lasts?

Consider: is it worth it?

 Today is 13th of October  2023   it’s 03:11 AM in Istanbul  Bahadir Gezer