SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK! It’s shocking to get shocked about this braking new!!! The Beijing University established a faculty called; The Faculty of Imıtation Arts. Yeah, sounds smart.  Would be nice if the students could get a Master’s Degree on the Fine Arts of Pirating.


This way of thinking;

“Hey dude! The USA came up with a New York over York, and zıbam! USA becomes stronger than the strongest country; The British Empire!”

“What are trying to say?”

“I mean, don’t you see the connection?”


“If we come up with a New Shanghai, we can surpass China!”

“You are missing the point; British Empire was stronger back then.”

“So? Same thing man!”… “Wait… did you mean China still being weaker than us?.. Yeah yeah! That’s what you meant!”

is not thinking


Even Hollywood is still unable to come up with movie about the life of Stephen Hawking. The starring actor of the movie to only say 3 sentences.

A question; if Stephen went to a church, and he listened to gospel which was sang with joy and feeling… And the priest touches him, and Mr. Hawking gets up and starts dancing with joy of blessings. And he still keeps as smart as he was. Would you call him, you know what… Forget it.

The bad scenario about this is; he starts walking and running. But he gets stupider. Then we the humanity realize that the things that we are automatically are doing, like walking and breathing actually take most of our intelligence. The easiest things we do are actually the things that our brains are working their asses off, for them to become easy.   


Let me tell you how the Police Department works at a case; The suspect gets an AK-47 and makes a massacre at the no:1 club of one of the greatest cities of the World at the new year eve. Kills 39 innocents. And runs away! Yes! Runs away! All those cops do not catch him.

Why? It’s to see where that maniac is going to go. Who he is going to call later on and who he is going to meet with. So for 10 days, the PD shows incredible patience and keeps close watch on the suspect while making him feel “free”… so he starts making phone calls and buys/sells stuff and PD always follows him. After enough info is gathered the PD arrests him.

Sometimes it’s not the best thing to do to catch the suspect right away.


Shame! There are more Chinese restaurants in the USA than there are McDonald’s’s in China. Wait… Is that a bad thing? I mean there are more pizzerias in the USA than there are in Italy.


A recommendation brother; if she has hair underneath her feet, she ain’t no human.


It’s 01:08 AM       19 January 2017                                           İstanbul                        Bahadır Gezer

-"What are those 3 guys doing up on the dome Bahadir?"

"That? Oh! You know the Alem on the top is solid gold."

"What is Alem?"

"The thing that stands on the top of the dome."

"Oh! I see... Wait! You said it's solid gold?!"


"And what about those men? Are they guards."

"They probably are the thiefs. The thing gets stolen twice a w≡k, at least."

"That must cost a lot of money."

"Takes 30% of the budget of the state."

"Wow... That's really interesting."

01:51  16April2017  HappySunday                  İstanbul                              Bahadır Gezer

I support 3 days per w≡k holiday. The existence was created in 6 days and 1 day was taken to rest,  by God, by Creator i mean. So who do we think we are, taking 1 day off a w≡k, as createds? This is disrespectful, kind of. So, i demand 3 days holidays every w≡k.

The working days will still be more, for them to remain as working days. Even mathematically, the w≡k is designed for this: 7 days… More of those days for work and less to rest.

Universal voting for this is planned to be made at 2028 at latest…

11:16            2 July 2017      Sunday                      İstanbul                                            Bahadır Gezer

2017-2023 © All Rights Reserved by Bahadır Gezer. 

-A cemetery for tools/devices/things and stuff… People bury their precious and private stuff there after their stuff becomes broken or unuseful or something.

Did not sound sane to me at the first look. I am even feeling that it would be disrespectful to the soil to be using the land like that.

17:00                             16.June.2017          Friday                      İstanbul                          Bahadır Gezer


-"Hey dude."


"You do know that we are actually just pixels on a 360degree screen, right?"


"Just like the sims bro! We are visions, data on a screen."

"Then we need to find a way to look to the screen from around of it."


"Not 'what' you lama brained idiot! Say 'excuse me', be polite! Be a little human. Is that too much for to be asked from you? If it's, please declare it, so that i can ask you to at least pretend like human."

"Lamas are those camel looking, spitting animals, right?"

"You freakin log! The issue is not the lamas!"

"What is it?"

"It's the ff... God, give me patience please... The issue is the being and our appearances and stuff like that."

"I've seen a male lama spit to the pussy of the female lama."

"Puhahahahaha!.. Wait... Really?"

It's 20:59            15April2017     Saturday            İstanbul                 Bahadır Gezer

"Ok. Then tell me what the distance was!"

"The distance of the lama's spit?"


"7feets or 3-4 steps."

"Elephant's ass! From 7feetsi he spitted right to the 12th spot of the p.ssy huh?"


"What did the female lama do at that moment? Did she make a movement to catch the spit?"

"No, she just stood still."

"Definetly she made a move."

"After the spit got to the target, she did move."

"I can assume that. I'm not stupid."

"She gave a nice double kick to the male lama."

"Yeah?! Of course, if he disrespects like that by spitting that's what he deserves."

"Actually, the male lama, spitting is a good thing but the investigation showed that the male camel had been eating fresh mint weets of the field before he spitted. When the p.ssy turned into burning carnival, surely the kick came."


Fake orgasm issue… It’s not like what Sally tells at “When Harry met Sally”… Fake orgasm is what the female does when she  gets to have orgasm early. Female pretend like she doesn’t have orgasm even though she did at this case. Female does that especially when she wants chain orgasm.



It’s 09:07  AM                              15 January 2017                          İstanbul                      Bahadır Gezer

I was going to write the dialog in my mind over here but before i thought i should check the web site of NASA.

The dialog was:

"Yeah, me and Jenny are moving to our house on a rock island in the ring of Saturn.

"I still want to live in Üsküdar but you know him... He just wants to move there so much."

"It will be great for all of us."

This isn't a dialog though, it's more like a stereo word bombing, sort of.

And what is this picture? Whooaa?

I do drink my blood when i get a bleeding wound. Am not gonna lie; tastes decent.

Wine… haven’t found a wine close to the taste of my blood. And yes, i do compare. Why?.. I don’t know. But i do recommend you to drink the wine which contains the taste of the blood of someone you care about or someone you know.

And i do recommend to not get freaky with the concept of drinking blood. I am not telling to drink blood. I just only am telling that knowing the taste would/could be good.

9 August 2017  Wednesday    22:53                        İstanbul                      Bahadır Gezer


Time stones me

9 Aug 2017              23:43                               İstanbul                          Bahadır Gezer

Wait… what does this mean? Does it mean i am developing endurance? There is something called the sands of time… I mean stone in this case… means what actually?

I mean i am not a female, so this doesn’t carry much of a positive effect on me.

But still… in a smokey envy, saying with a coughy voice might work out well for you, you know. You know; “Hey, pass the joint man, time stones me, you know…”

“wow… that cool man… so what did you mean?”

“what the? Aren’t you high?”


“Then you shouldn’t direct no questions about ‘meaning’ of anything…”

“wow… that cool man… so what did you mean?”

“We should roll another one… that’s what i meant.”

“wow… that cool man… you got pot?”

“what do you mean?”

Wow… since there is a use of the word “mean” so many times… Then this is got be holding some meaning! Wow… Feels meaningful to do something which actually means something.

9 August 2017     23:54                             İstanbul                        Bahadır Gezer

From a life time experiencing and scientific observations, I did come to a conclusion about a specific matter: food.

How food effects us (in terms of biology and health) depends on; the taste.

Yes yes, the nutritious balance is critical. That’s a fact. But,

Do not forget that what keeps a human being healthy and live long is the taste.


Having said that, please check “the announcements” section of this web site.


Stay well


It’s 23:28 PM      20 January 2017                     Istanbul                Bahadir Gezer

This site is SSL certified.            Bu site SSL sertifikalıdır.        

I just love sleeping. I seriously do. Sleeping is awesome. And I’m going back to sleep now. I mean I got up to go to restroom and I wrote couple of stuff here today.


GOD bless you folks


It’s 05:50 AM         9 January 2017                     İstanbul                                 Bahadır Gezer

An official from NASA has said; “We’ve secretly launched a robo-machine to Jupiter 7 years ago, Orpheus. This device has sent us information that we could not dream of. 4 months ago Orpheus found a mineral that’s under the ground and is almost as much as 9 pounds at weight. 1 gram of this mineral can produce as much electricity as the World needs today, for 2 thousand years. We’ve got intelligence about the Russian, having sent a device to Jupiter which has the ability to dig and also coming back from Jupiter. We’ve also learned that this Russian device is also armed.”


“Hey dude!,”


“Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a giant totempole next to the monument in D.C.?”

“Excuse me.., What?”

“Wouldn’t a giant totempole be cool?”

“Which tribe’s pole are you thinking?”

“Wow!.. we can build many poles instead of one then!”

“Have you been dancing around a totem for too long?”

“Uga uga!”

“I see…”


It’s 10:31 AM        17 January 2017                     İstanbul                                   Bahadır Gezer

I was walking under snow just a while ago. As i was walking, this imagination came to my mind: in my head, there was a little girl... she asked "whad ahre dheese?" while pointing to the snow drops. I was like "they are the stars my dear child.", she was amazed, she said "Dhese ahre shtarss?"... "Yes" i said...

In my imagination... imagination... And as i walked, i decided to write a tale about the stars being snow drops on the Earth. I hope, i will, some day, onde day...

It's 07:46 AM in Istanbul   7 of January 2017                  Bahadır Gezer

"Peki, tamam... Aradaki mesafe neydi onu söyle o zaman!"

"Yaklaşık iki metre."

"Vay anasını! 2 metreden zınk diye .mına mı tükürdü?!"

"Aynen öyle."

"Dişi lama n'aptı o esnada? Hareket edip, tükürüğü yakalamak için bi şey yaptı mı?"

"O öylece durdu."

"İlla ki bi hareket yapmıştır ya."

"Tükürük isabet ettikten sonra yaptı tabii."

"Onu ben de biliyorum. O kadar salak değilim."

"Çifteyi yapıştırdı erkeğe."

"Hadi ya! Tükürüp saygısızlık ederse cezasını alır tabii. İyi olmuş..."

"Aslında tükürmesi ve hedefi vurması iyi, ama yapılan araştırmaya göre tükürmeden evvel nane otlanmış. O sebeple dişinin .mı tutuşunca tabii."



Are we seriously considering to make a flag on the surface of the Moon that can be seen from the Earth... If we really are, we first gotta make the calculations about how many miles square she is going to be.

"Those are done! Just tell us where we can get the blue rocks from!"

"Are you excited or mean?.. It's hard to tell at the moment."

About the blue rocks which can bee seen from the Earth; the bad new is; we might need to gather those from a different planet.

The good new is; within Solar System.

Let's get into more logical issues:

Someone asked me about why i didn't tell a name of any ladies within the list of the teachers who influenced me properly.

Well, there is actually one lady teacher, who could be in that list. I'm gonna keep this short; i asked her out in her office. And i'm happy that now i forgot what the theme of her lesson was.

Hmm... logical issues?

Is coalition in the USA possible?

Here is a synopsis; one extremely rich, charismatic, insane and powerful guy becomes an independent candidate for the Presidential Race in the USA. And he gets 49% of the total votes. The Republican party candidate gets 25,5% of the votes, and the Democrat candidate gets 25,5% of the votes... For the State to remain solid, the Democrat and Republican parties set up a coalition.

I was saying something about being logical. This synopsis sounded like many countries in the World to get united in the name of making a "Union" called the Ununited Nations.

What? What did i just say?



It's 16:50 PM (You don't have to write pm or am at the militaristic clock! Damn it! ıt's drivin me nutts!  :) )   8 of January 2017               İstanbul           Bahadır Gezer

The former president Hüsein has established a system at which the President is able to “forgive” the criminals. Yes, it’s an obvious crime against the meaning of the law. The decision of the judges did become as not a final decision. A person, who has access (even comes from politics) to politics is actually the final sayer of the law procedure.

But… We must understand that this makes the hands of the government powerful at many cases. Now, when international deals will get designed behind the closed doors, Sam is able to say “By the way we could release those 4 political prisoners, who really are important for you, if you provided us with…”. The other side will know that the President is even able to release prisoners like a 18th century era Ottoman Padishah.

In the former system, when Sam said something like this, the other side was saying; “You say this, but we all know that the judicial system at your country wouldn’t allow that to happen.”

But, can anyone guarantee that the President himself might not be using this power for His/Her personal good.

But just but…

“But just but? Dude write that down. That sounds like a proverb. But there is just a but. But just but.”

“In the name of the Linguistical Development Agency, I must ask when this proverb is going to be used.”

“Alright, you know someone says one thing and there is almost 100 things that proves him wrong. That means you have 100 different “but” options. And at the mome…”

“It’s better if you said ‘but just buts’ then.”

“But just but…”

“but just buts… write that down…”

But just buts…


It’s  11:46 AM           20 January 2017 Friday                      İstanbul                       Bahadır Gezer

I just received an e-mail saying; "Acting is the labour of the genius." The girl who sent me this said that i could broadcast this saying. Her name is Natalia but i can't write her last name.
I would say; acting is the labour of the studious.

Good morning, and also good night,

Here is a technical info about this web site; I know that I said the visitor profile of this site was heavily made of Americans. But the moment I shared that info, the picture has changed: Now most of the visitors are from Russia and Ukraine.

Does that mean that I am going to be writing in Russian? I would like to. But for that, I need to be upgrading my Word program. It only makes spell check in American English and Türkish. So… Plus I don’t know how the Latin alphabet keyboard is meant to be used in Kirill alphabet.

Plus, I am not that good in Russian… Still let me try;


Damı I gaspada! Pajaluysta. Dabro pajalovat. Yest’ ideya! Hotite so mnoy poti v tyatr? Bez çetverti pyat. Net silnoy jari. Gavarite li Vı pa angliski? Şto vas interesuyet? Minya interesıyet savremennaye iskuvtsa.


It just doesn’t work out right… I mean the alphabet issue is giving me hard time.

There is a thing that I want to share with you;


After making long experiments and research about the effects of music on creatures. I came to the conclusion that it’s the harmony or sounds which is shaping our lives. Our mind records every singe sound. Sometimes we got to be hearing the environment for let’s say 6 years, and in those 6 years, from the different sounds that our mind records (from the yelling of salesman to the crow, and from the sound of the waves to the announcements at the metro station) in years, our mind at the right time, comes up with a compose… And it’s the disciple of the composes that our mind makes, which is building paths in our lives. Too complicated? Let me put it in this way;

If our life is let’s say 74 years long, at the end of it (I’m sorry) we are going to be hearing a “song” which is about 4 minutes and 70 seconds long. And that song is going to be made from all the sounds that we have heard since our birth. We don’t realize while we live that a giant-slow motion song is playing for us personally by the nature. If we did realize that, we maybe would go mad. Let’s just imagine a 74 years long song, and it gets down to 4 minutes and 70 seconds for us to be able to enjoy and listen to it.


It’s 05:11 AM       9 January 2017                 İstanbul                   Bahadır Gezer

In the wilderness there’s a tale told: There are giant space piranhas in the Seas of Space. Those creatures love eating planets. And they are moving…



Economic advice: You are as rich as you owe. Being in depth with a lot of other people will mean a lot of people willing you to do well, to get their thing back. That’s a priceless earning. You are as rich as you owe to other people. My uncle Ş.

Yeah, I did get business education at universities for 3 years.


My cousine was with us 2 days ago. He spent his hours to teach wtsp application to my mother on her phone. While we were eating he said; “In China labor costs a lot less, way too low, Comparing with USA. America can’t race with that. Production center is becoming China. If I was an investor and manufacturer, I would definetly build my factory in China…” I said something like; “There is a thing called innovative production. Yeah in USA maybe a factory worker is getting ten times more than those who are in China. But this man alone produces 20 times more than a worker in China, due to the technology he is got.” Then I showed my cousine how to buy domain names on the internet.


But this I got to say; USA! Hey American! Hey Americano! Have you heard about that incident that happened in Guinea? At the capital city of the country there was an “American Embassy”, and it was imitation!?! It was a fake “American Embassy” which was in service for more than a decade! This is no joke… There is a need of American Renaissance, immediately, definetly…


15:18 PM         16January2017                 Bahadır Gezer                                         İstanbul

Ants certainly are fleissig (German, i don't know that word in English) creatures... One of the amazing things is that, with a friend of mine, we made many ant aquariums. And we observed the living spaces that they’ve built underground. Later we took an EEG of our friends in the campus. That’s like taking a picture of the brain. Like a map, the brain is out there after EEG. Anyways, I am going to keep this one short as many other themes; After comparing the maps of the brains of our friends and the underground cities of the ants, we found out that one of the ant houses was exactly the same of the brain map of one of our friends. The curves and roads and all. It was just the same! We got amazed and freaked and scared. So we dropped the research. Plus the government cut the founding of the project.


One of my friends from this research crew was like “Hey dude! We gotta check the spiders! You know they are special. I mean if the ants are building our brain maps, then the spiders maybe are making incredible stuff!”

I was like “Drop the issue man. Seems like this is gonna get us in trouble. The government sees this issue like dividing the atom or something. They think it’s dangerous. The university doesn’t want to get in trouble with the government. And I want to graduate.”


Later, 4 years later this guy sent me an e-mail, telling; “Yo yo yo! Check out this web! It’s exactly the same of the 2016 (twothousandsixteen) light years away galaxy!”

I was like; “What are you going to use this on?”

He was like; “Man, just imagine if Colombus had a detailed map of the places that he was going to discover?”

I was like; “He wouldn’t discover it then. I mean would you call what he would be doing as a discovery? Making a map and following a map is different you know.”

He was like; “Shit! I’ve spent 4 years on nothing.”


After all this, I would like to share the iteral alphabet of the ants with you, but I am planning to put that on a book that maybe will get published. I took the ant alphabet to a notarium for the intellectual rights of it. The lady in the office was like “What on the Earth is this?” I couldn’t say “ant language”, because if I did she would just be like, you know… So I said “A different language. Like a symbol language.” She said; “When you write something in a different language, you got to translate it for us to approve it in the meanings of law.”

Shit! “Ok mem. I’ll be back in 4 days.” Yeah, every letter had almost 22 sounds. I mean since there was 27 letters, you had to multiply it by 22 and then came the words. GOD, U know it wasn’t easy. I translated a sentence, and the sentence was “Hello”… It took me 3 days to translate it. No sleep.

All rights reserved © 2017 Bahadır Gezer

Can you believe that as soon as i started to be wording in Turkish, the reader number of the site started to diminish... When it's sleep time in the USA, the visitor number drops a lot.

There are people who i admire. Those people are usually among my teachers/hodjas... Mehmet Manap, Ahmet Duman, Serdar Padır, Mark Williams, Mehmet Gezer... These are the teachers that i had the chance to be taught by. Mehmet Manap was my physical education teacher. Ahmet Bey was my religion teacher. Serdar Bey was my German language teacher. Mark is just my teacher. Mehmet Gezer is my music and musical theraphy  teacher and also is my father.

I had the chance to be in the classes of these teachers. What can i say about them?.. Let's take Ahmet Bey... I was 14 years old when i raised my hand in the class and asked him a question: "Ok my hodja, i know that i must love GOD above everything. But when i think of it, i love my mother more. Seriously. I feel guilty but this is just how i fe..." İ cannot repeat the answer he has given. But after he was finished explaining, i was believing that the love that i had kept for my mother was a prayer to GOD. ALLAH, i just cannot explain how clearly he made me realize that loving mom was praying.

Let's just... Let's just move on to a different theme... GOD...

About Serdar Bey, i just cannot forget his Robinson rule in the class. It was amazing. He was an awesome discipline provider. Didn't scare, was serious, also funny, was teaching the gramatically hardest sentences in German... "Als ich blah blah war, dass, wahrend... Sheisse!"... These became real easy sentences after him, because in the class we used to make sentences that included 20 words and stuff.

Mehmet Manap... we have a word for those kind of people in Turkish; harbi.

Mark... you just got to find a way to have the privilige to listen to him.

M. Gezer... It's an experience to spend time in his class. After him i started to make experiments with music. For example i blew smoke into a glass (a glass made of glass)... I closed the top with aluminum. Than i made hole at the aluminum. At the same time i played music through large headphones, ı put the headphones to the glass from both sides. So the glass was listening stereo music. And guess what? The smoke was moving paralel with the beat and the melody. It was amazing. At every beat it was living an empty spot while it was rising. It made me think about smoke writers. So they probably were translating sounds in to smoke. It was not a symbol language then. It was a soundical language with an alphabet of smoke. And it was amazing to experience how music was making me move on after these things that i'm wording about here.

Let me share a spoiler from the book 'Notes about the Constitution':

"In Topkapı Palace Museum in Istanbul, at the holly sacred room, a hair piece of Mohammad is being kept and is being shown to people everyday. A hair piece from His beard. This is a fact. True. Real. 

The rest is fiction; that hair piece gets stolen... Stealers brake the DNA code... Cloning comes in to picture..."

Keeps on going a little more.

It's 16:14     5  January 2017               İstanbul                               Bahadır Gezer

I remember times that i was supportive of the personal producing concept. It was a concept which was like;  If a lived this many years, and if the population of my country is this, then I must produce something for 1,800 people differently. I as a citizen should come up with personal products. I could make 1,800 different magazines! Okay, let’s do it then.

Okay, maybe ridiculous… I quit making the magazines after 10, and I lost most of them now.

1-“Hey man, doesn’t fasting for electricity make sense to you?”

2-“It completely does, if it isn’t too long.”

3-“As humanity we fast for many different things; to talk or to eat&drink but electricity? There is no rejection towards the cruciality of electricity.”

4-“What? What are you looking at me for? Do I have to say something? I ain’t got nothing to say. Well, if I must say something, okay, I say yes then. Do you, I mean.”


I heard that Starbucks is coming up with glasses that have light on. These lights are meant to show whether the cup is empty or not. When it’s red, it’s empty. This makes the waitress to serve right on time. 


I knew somebody, he was 37 years old. He has two children one at 9, the other 7. This man told me that when his son was 4 years old, he told that he was from a different planet. The man was shocked of what he heard and he decided to not tell about this to no one. But the child 2 months ago asked his father; “Dad, do you sent signals of thought to outer places?” He is afraid that the child’s mental health is not well, I think they both have lost it.

First of all how hard would that be? An unearthly creature to be an undercover human? That creature would go nutts. I mean imagine yourself as an undercover ant. Imagine being in the body of an ant. Anyways, let’s drop this issue.


The world is like a circle, almost. So, if the point X at the southeastern side of the Globe stands right towards the point Y which is at the northwestern side. If I put a tree at the both spots, and if I managed the trees to be alive for 2,000 years, or I aged the trees for like 50,000 years in 500 years with the help of the science. Would their roots become connected under the soil?

Have I been able to describe what I meant?


An immigrant conquest! We’ve just found out an organization, which had come up with immigrant occupiers out of 80,000 people. And a giant fleet of planes took off from China to the USA! Instead of bombs, they decided to bombard us with alive, regular human beings to occupy us from inside! The carrier named USS Nippon took action and the jets from the carrier forced the planes to go back. This operation was done at 01:23 and now it’s 01:33  17 January 2017                                                                                                                                                                                      Bahadır Gezer                 İstanbul

15April2017       Saturday       21:16          İstanbul          Bahadır Gezer

It's 24:24        6 January 2017    İstanbul    Bahadır Gezer    Just wanted to write the time

A synopsis:


There’s a letter. On the “to” section of the letter it says “Mr. John Walkstone and the post officer who delivers this letter” and an address. The address unfortunately is located at the South Pole. A post officer gets too curious about the letter and sadly opens it up. There he sees an open check worth of 100 million $. The check says “Will be signed by John Walkstone for the post officer who delivers this letter.” And there’s a note next to it; “The post officer who delivers this letter safely to Mr. Walkstone is meant to receive 100 million $. A special note to Mr. Walkstone; Samantha is out for holiday.” This makes the post officer go crazy, and he starts taking a journey to deliver this letter to Mr. Walkstone no matter what.

The story is about what the post officer goes through during this journey and finding out what actually “Samantha is out for holiday” means.


22:47 PM               17 January 2017                        İstanbul                   Bahadır Gezer

What's the difference between writing the time as 00:24  and   24:24?  Well, the first one opens a brand new and blanked page as the new day starts. The second takes the last hour of the previous day into the new. I guess that's what it is. Including the part of the past into the new makes sense to me.

It's 00:28   6 January 2017                   İstanbul                          Bahadır Gezer

A synopsis:


There’s a letter. On the “to” section of the letter it says “Mr. John Walkstone and the post officer who delivers this letter” and an address. The address unfortunately is located at the South Pole. A post officer gets too curious about the letter and sadly opens it up. There he sees an open check worth of 100 million $. The check says “Will be signed by John Walkstone for the post officer who delivers this letter.” And there’s a note next to it; “The post officer who delivers this letter safely to Mr. Walkstone is meant to receive 100 million $. A special note to Mr. Walkstone; Samantha is out for holiday.” This makes the post officer go crazy, and he starts taking a journey to deliver this letter to Mr. Walkstone no matter what.

The story is about what the post officer goes through during this journey and finding out what actually “Samantha is out for holiday” means.


22:47 PM               17 January 2017                        İstanbul                   Bahadır Gezer

I get bored of friends… I mean maximum after 5 years, i am becoming disgusted from my closest friends. It’s like… what’s the word… hold on.., let me check the dictionary… sincere, heartfelt, genuine… all those words are just too much… for a friend though…

So changing friends are good i guess… friendlessness?.. i am not going to make words about that at the moment. But it must be far away from being lonely.

Needing the words don’t mean the wordless times are not to love and injoy…

16:10               20 June 2017           Tuesday         İstanbul                              Bahadır Gezer


The concept of deserving. We got to get what we deserve, we usually think. Even when we play lottery, we are like “I can win because i deserve it… I work my ass off since i was born!” or something close or like that. We usually want what we deserve. Unless you haven’t been caught at the customs, trying to enter into States with cows whichs tits are filled with cocaine, you would want what you deserve. Because that’s the motivation of producing. One way or another, here or there to just get what we deserve is our motivation.

Stupid individuals should be avoided, not listened to etc. Why? Because when an individual is blasting stupid, he/she can’t even have a proper faith. He/she would declare as he/she had faith and belief but he/she wouldn’t even know why he/she believes. Stupid is just something that one wouldn’t want to interact with. Stupid just performs memorized thoughts, feelings, prayers, and sentences. And always does so.

Not serving what’s deserved is an act of stupidty. Things are going really bad and you are sure that it’ll be worse the next day and you are thanking for it? Thanking in that situation is stupid. Serve what’s deserved. Because that’s the honest human act.

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a what is what

is that a question or statement?

10th of November 2017      Friday    23:50          Istanbul              Bahadir Gezer

Let’s get angry section:

“I don’t understand the physical status of Western Europeans: Their women is more hairy than their men.”

“I have a women farm.”

“What? You mean you are a pimp or something?”

“No not at all! This is fair and moral business what I do.”

“What do you exactly do?”

“I have this women farm in South America, where I have 300 heads…”


“Women I mean… 300 women… And I cut their hair every 5 months and sell the hair to the buyer. Of course I feed them well and also give vitamins for extra hair growth. All natural.”

“I heard that in Venezuela, women are selling their hair. But I never heard about women farm by now. I thought you were gonna say something about a humanitarian act of having a farm where the women work happily in good conditions when you mentioned women farm. But I see that it has no connection.”

“The bought hair is being used for balloon women which are being sold at the erotic shops…”

“Women is getting uglier in general. From pictures and movies, what i see about 60 and 70’ies, the women look hotter then. The technology improved, how did women manage to get uglier?

Maybe the esthetic operations. I mean some does lippo sucktion to the lip not noticing that it will effect the whole of the body. The symmetry of the body is as a whole. When some part gets changed, the another part that ‘seems’ unconnected gets changed also. The way the body takes shape is a whole.

13:31              23 June 2017      Friday                                                        İstanbul            Bahadır Gezer

Ok. Talking about music… Actually the way to be talking about music is to make music… But for now, the capability of this web site is literal and visiual.

We know that certain animals play critical role at the music that we humans are making. The footsteps of horses and camels can easily be observed that they have been the major discipline at the rhythms of many different musical genres.

Did we listed to the footsteps of the ants? Do ants make sound while they walk? They certainly do. The fact that we don’t hear does not make a sound to be non-existent. When we’ll come up with certain tools and certain walking grounds, we are going to be listening to the sounds of the walking of the ants. And guess what? We are going to enjoy it.

How do I know that? Well an ant walked into my brain long ago. And she just keeps on walking around my brain. I do hear it. It itches a little, but the scientist did not come up with something to scratch the brain until now. So, I am maybe controlled by an ant.


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