Babür Empire

The Mughal (Babür) Empire is founded in India by the Mughal Shah, a descendant of Timur. Established in 1526, the Mughal Empire included India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh in the period when it had the largest lands. The Mughal Empire reached its peak politically and economically during the reign of Akbar Shah. During the reign of Shah Jahan, architecturally, it leaps forward. The world famous Taj Mahal is a testament to this. By the time of Aurangzib, the Mughal Empire, which reached its largest lands, ruled a population of 150 million, which is a quarter of the world's population. The Mughal Empire, which collapsed with the loss of the Karnal War in the 17th century, II. India became a colony of the British Empire in 1858 when it was destroyed by the British who intervened in the region as a result of the rebellion that broke out during the reign of Bahadır Shah.


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