"See? Back in time, in human society, to prove how much wealth a person deserved, you had to carve a rock into a shape of a dick. Of course bigger attracts more. "

"More of what?"

"More of women. Therefore more children and more labor... Productivity."

"I see."

"See i am, like hey, that shape and that size could take a 50 years to sculp!"

"So what gives?"

"All this is nonsense. The truth is that the nature did all of this. Why did nature do something like that? I don't know."

Your are invited to observe. But climbing to the wizard chimneys is illegal.

"Another story says, he who touches these stones would have hard wood syndrome for a really really long time."

"The word 'otantic' in the region is used to describe the items which actually cost 3 Cents but sold for 300 Bucks."

"Some villagers sell really and insanily interesting stuff for like 2-3 bucks."

"These are modern caves... You see, you know that the memorial of steel&cement is the Empire State... These caves are the top noch caves of the cave human times. Who wouldn't wanna see luxury caves?"