Western Hun Empire

Founded Date: 48

Date of Demolition: 216

Founder: Panu

Capital: Kang-Chu, Taraz

Language: Hun Turkish

Head of State: Tanhu


Great Hun Empire BC In 58, it was divided into East and West between Chichi Yabgu and Ho-Han-ye brothers. the Western Huns; Chichi Yabgu ruled the Eastern Huns by Ho-Han-Ye Kagan (Shenyu). After Ho-Han-Ye's death, it was the scene of the Eastern Huns Panu and his nephew Pi's fight for the throne. M.S. Eastern Huns in 48 BC; It is divided into North and South. The Northern Huns were ruled by Pi and the Southern Huns by Panu. This country, which was ruled by the Southern Huns, namely Panu, has passed into the Turkish history literature as the Western Hun Empire. Ruled under the shadow of Chinese rule, this empire ruled the lands east of Talas up to China.


The Western Huns, led by Çiçi Yabgu, dominated the Aral Sea, Western Turkestan and the part up to the north of the Black Sea. With the establishment of the Göktürk Empire, they migrated to Europe and formed the basis of the European Hun Empire.


With the collapse of the Western Hun Empire under Panu, his successors established small Turkish states that became increasingly Chinese. In Turkish History literature, these are called "Hun successors". These;


First Chao Hun State (304-329)

Second Chao Hun State (328-352)

Hsia Hun State (407-431)

Northern Liang Hun State (401-439)

Lov-lan Hun State (442-460)


There are three names of the Western Hun Empire in the Turkish history literature.


1) The West Hun Empire, which is counted among the 16 Great Turkish states; They are the Southern Huns under Panu.

2) Original Western Huns; It is the state that covers Western Turkestan, ruled by Chichi Yabgu, who constitutes the ancestors of the European Huns.

3) The European Hun Empire is also described as Western Huns in some sources, but it is correct to say European Huns.


Rulers of the Western Hun Empire


1) Panu Yabgu (48 – 83)

2) Sanmuldutzu Yabgu (83 – 84)

3) Yuliu Yabgu (84 – 89)

4) Yuchukien Yabgu (89 – 93)

5) Ankuo Yabgu (93 – 94)

6) Tingtoshi – Suyheuti Yabgu (94 – 98)

7) Vanshichi – Suyti Yabgu (98 – 124)

8) Wuchihu – Shihcho Yabgu (124 – 127)

9) Tejoshi – Suytsieu Yabgu (127 – 140)

10) Chenieu Yabgu (140 – 143)

11) Hulanjoshi Suytsieu Yabgu (143 – 147)

12) Ilingshi – Suytsieu Yabgu (147 – 172)

13) Totejoshi – Suytsieu Yabgu (172 – 177)

14) Huching Yabgu (177 – 179)

15) Kiangkiu Yabgu (179 – 188)

16) Techshi – Suyheu Yabgu (188 – 195)

17) Huchutsiuen Yabgu (195 – 216)

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