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-A drug has been discovered by one of the major drug companies in a very top secret search. Now we are literally able to extend a human being’s life expendancy to the ages of Noah. I mean around 900-1000 years… But the G8 (8?) is cautious about it. Keeps it as a secret because all the searchs show that this will cause an economic and social collapse of the system, giving birth to brutal violent and unmoral chaos.

“Even if I’m gonna be sliced into pieces by butchers, let me have that with the hope of living for like 300 years more! I prefer the drug!”

“Our children will get harmed all!”

“I don’t fucking care! I want the drug! It’s my freakin right! Right to survive!”

“No! Right to survive for us! For our children! Right to survive!”

“No! Right to survive!”

“No! Right to survive!”


(Bullymustang-isminlemüsemmaol-whyt, niye bana decision making is up to me like bakıyosun?)

(Niye ilacı ister misin istemes misin diye kendine sormuyosun?)

12:43           10 Oct 2017   Tuesday                               İstanbul                     Bahadır Gezer



-Personal might be important note: if, ask the wedding dress to be worn again at a proper night after the long after wedding, or short after wedding I donno… ask to dress and redress and undress again…

Pffff ask again and again and again ask after wedding still and ask in the morning and again ask right after asked and ask and asking and ask ask ask ask aaaa ask ile aşk benzeşiyo lan...

14:36             10 Oct 2017         Tueasday                       İstanbul                    Bahadır Gezer



-is being alive -surviving-?

When jailed; no.

When bleeding heavily: yea.

15:00                  11.oct.2017                          Istanbul                  Bahadır Gezer




-“I am ill”

“have it past”



“I am ill”

“have it passed”

“thank you”



“geçmiş olsun”



“I am ill”

“have it past”

“be live”

“what?.. am I broadcasted?”


“no… what to you…”

“ok… be live, it is like be current, match with the presentuality and the moment and keep surviving and also alive and and and…”

“oh I see… be live…”

“you too.”


11:59                         21 October 2017                                        İstanbul                                          Bahadır Gezer


First hitting warrior bahadır warrior at the far front bahadır warrior honest moral lover

I just checked Redhouse dictionary, says bahadır is brave and champion, hero

12:05                              21 October 2017                                  İstanbul                                        Bahadır Gezer


Being ready is not a bad thing to avoid the harm causing incidents like war.

Let’s not forget that as I know, every single war got ended by warriors… and started by super freaks, who actually read and listened the news about war and even watch on tv while farting and scratching balls.

12:10  I maybe should erase these last sentences                      21 Oct 2017         İstanbul       Bahadır Gezer

Ann, I just have this sense that you are a hangover neutralizing persona.

6th of November 2017              Monday                 12:52                Istanbul                 Bahadir Gezer


I learned a new word yesterday: selfless

8of November 2017              Wednesday              20:12                       Istanbul              Bahadir Gezer

Yalnızken tekbaşına olmamak

To not be by yourself while you are alone


Babamla kahvaltı ederken gündeme geldi

19:19                 19 September 2017            Tuesday                  İstanbul                   Bahadır Gezer        


Forgive me for asking this question like it’s a normal thing; Have you ever took your time to follow a snail? Yeah, an actual snail. Let me tell right at the beginning: I didn’t plan to follow a snail but as you see at the pictures, this snail was without indoors equipment. Got my attention. Then the snail made a leftish turn… a little left though… I could see it from the mark the snail was leaving behind as on the pictures. “Why did the snail turn left? I need to know.” I thought. And yeah, there you go; one night spent behind a snail.

But hey, I can tell you this; it’s easier to follow a snail then to be showing the way to a snail. So, when it’s the snail, it’s easier to follow than to be followed by it.

Picture 1: Noticing the snail…

Picture 2: Staring to the snail…

Picture 3: Starting to watch the snail…

Picture 4: Actually starting to enjoy time by watching the snail…

Picture 5: Getting excited and trying to take a faceshot of the snail… and realizing that the snail actually wets its front with slyva and slides on that… like a water spring in move… spit front, slide on your spit… the snail is starting to put my brain in a cast…

Picture 6: Noticing the mark behind the snail… and wondering why the snail made a light turn… and deciding to follow the snail…

Picture 7: I mutation for a while… please expect attendance later…

Picture 8: This mutation thing looks fun and boringly slow.

Picture 9: The snail now has indooring capability, but is acting a little weird…

Picture 10: The snail is trying to go through a hole in the ground but there absolutely is no way that that shell can go through that hole…

And I left the snail…

Oh no! That ground was metal… so the snail was trying to go through that hole and its head got fit in to it but the rest couldn’t and for the snail to be able to move, the head needs to leading the way… so?! I left the snail in that position! Nooooo! I left the snail while it was in straight up solid torture! I didn’t notice! I thought “This was a real stupid snail, making itself go into a position like this. I mean how on the Earth don’t you know the size of your own house!”

a what is what
is that a question or statement?
10th of November 2017      Friday    23:50          Istanbul              Bahadir Gezer

The book "SEMI" is now available on major shopping and book retailing web sites...

7th of December 2017    Istanbul                Bahadır Gezer

I'm going to ask a question because i need to know this;

We know the soccer player Ronaldo from Portugal, playing in Real Madrid... My question is: can Ronaldo be the striker of Real Madrid in Spain and the kicker of the Redskins in USA at the same time? If he and the clubs were okay with this, is it possible as the means of procedures?

It's 22:30      29 August 2017     Tuesday                                Istanbul                   Bahadir Gezer

Semi the book by Turkish author Bahadir Gezer

So it’s a digital journal then? Of course, we the English speakers do not want two or more separete words to be used as one person or thing or situation or feeling descriptive. Why? Because Latin speakers made that mistake and that language not Lingua Franca anymore… French language made the same mistake and French ain’t Lingua Franca anymore… Practical but nice sounding… Those are usually the languages that become Lingua Franca… I mean, just like in the Zoolander movie when the fat kid asks Derek “which one is better? Meatballs or temtiniyata dela folle sertaso?” before the fat kid jumps into the cab…

Blog is got to mean something, withinwise…

“B” could be “book”

“L” could mean “learn”

“O” could mean what?..

It’s 22:17

“B” could mean “Beşiktaş”

“L” could mean “life”

“O” could mean what?

It’s 22:22

“B”  “be?”

“L”   “lieing?”

“O”  “or?”

“G”   means what?

Pffff let me check the dictionary and try to come up with something because this log issue is getting me disliked of the momently existing…

It’s 22:25

Booking Life On Guard

It’s 22:27                15th of Sept 2017                Friday                      Istanbul                    Bahadir Gezer

-a synopsiss I am gonna write… so here is how it begins… by the way that’s a promise… ok… a lady… eventually first lady… But she is also the preso… sorry… I am drunk… she is the president of the United States of America on the surface of the Galatica and the beyondness of the dimensional graphphical and literal existing being… ehem… she is simply the President of the USA. And she is not married… so she hooks up with guy like me when she sees me in the west wing of the House while taking a visit to do stuff… but I was there to meet her at the beginning. So we hooked up… oh yeah she is the president that’s right…

But you know you… you all got pissed and angry about the president being banged constantly. So there is the choice of marriage… Then the feds pushed me to marry… and more feds pushed me to not…

What happened? There were arguments about her being converting to a different faith… Senators (some) called for resignation.

I think it was a bad idea to bang her. I didn’t expect this amount of trouble just because of hitting you know…


Wait… I was going to write a synopsiss… soooo… let’s just first decide the place… eeehhhm… philly… used cd sale store so it’s around 1999… walking on the South Street… crowded not as usual because it’s raining… there is a girl named Nosella… she is always warmer lipped… bubble butted… coal eyed, curly haired, sample of beauty… Ok… she walks too… to the same direction… meaning I got to fasten up… but I got to not get attention of the people while I am doing it because just cause… so… I just try to speed up but I can’t catch… so I dive into the side streets which are empty and I start running Hussein Bolt… I catch up with her… I buy milkshakes (one chocolate and one strawberry) on the run, and also some bullshit named but ridiculously good looking and pretty smelled flowers, I also get two tickets to the Champions League Final in Antalya, I also get a freaking white horse (borrowed it from an officer), also also I get the maniaclly awesome looking bracelet which Pocahontas herself had worn (but I don’t tell her that), what fucking else oh no… I stood out of romantic mood… I also put mint in my mouth…

But… As soon as I stood at front her she came and pissed all over herself at the same time…

Let’s check if there’s North Street…

15:51          22. October 2017                          Istanbul                            Bahadir Gezer



Isn’t the place the center?

The place is centralizing me by decentralizing me…

Or it is;

The place is decentralizing me by centralizing me…


It’s not suppose to be about me,

It’s the place, the surrounding, the surrounder,

The place is like ‘need to surround to be the place’

Excuse me, can I ask you to care about an address?

29 October 2017  19:05        Istanbul                                                          Bahadir Gezer



Horizon line… Yours might be 42 miles, mine maybe 50, and his maybe 28 and hers maybe 51… idonno(I don’t know)… the eye horizon line might have one standard depending on average taking observations… But still… eyes are common but every eye sees different at the same time while remaining common… These are maybe boring and mostly known about issues…

It’s 21:52                       1st of November 2017                  Istanbul                Bahadir Gezer

I’ve just decided to come up with a “Kamasutra 2” to earn money… I make money but not earn… it’s a weird formula; make money, don’t earn some…

But serious… I think a book titled “Kamasutra 2” might get some attention.

Maybe “Kamasutra -extended-“ or “Kamasutra -bonus-“ or “Kamasutra -upgraded version-“ yeah… now we use olive oil too…


21:07         1 December 2017               Friday                   Istanbul                     Bahadir Gezer



“Kamasutra -Multiplayer-?”




-Questions: “What’s the the total population of England? No, I mean since the declaration of England as a state, how many people have been her citizens? Tens of generations… A billion? Ten billion? Do the states keep a record of total population?”


00:51                9th of December 2017                        Istanbul                          Bahadir Gezer



-I just have difficulty of understanding a factual concept. Well, I was just reading a book couple of minutes ago, and in there I was reading an article written by a mother of a son who actually got rejected from all the colleges that he applied to in the USA. This was an American person. So, I’m like “dude, 6% of the university student of Turkey are actually getting their bachelor’s degrees internationally in places other than Turkey. There are thousands of Turkish students currently studying in America.” With that thought I was telling myself that despites of transferring a lot money to other countries, this can be a very beneficial thing for Turkey in the long run. But what I was questioning was about American students… I mean while I was in high school in DC, I absolutely had no friend who told me about his/her plans of attending a school in any other country than USA. This is weird. I mean. No. This is really weird.

I mean yeah, American school are top of the notch but while I’m a highschool student in DC, if you gave to options of colleges; one in Boston, two in Marseilles… “You know, it snows a lot in DC… more in Boston… Marseilles… Grapes, Mediterranean, I mean yeah, there would be French people around but still I’ve never been in Marseilles…”

Weird though… really weird… My highschool maybe had 4-5 hundred students and I probably was routinely conversationing with 40, and heavily talking with 4 of those students… None! None told me brought up the that issue… including me. And I was thee guy from overseas, you know… I didn’t even bring that option up…

This is just weird.


I don’t want to say anything about how the people all around feel about Americans. Because college campus is a different world. Dorms… Class rooms… And students trying to shit into the washing machines of the dorms… So politics are pretty much ineffective at how the students tread to each other… And of course there’s the “Politics Department” at which the students usually don’t even show up in the class because “in now days, politics are made from far away… we learn how to be close while we are far. That’s what are politics man!”

“Yeah, right… It’s just finding reason for to not take any responsibility while having a say on almost everything!”

“And what do you man! Shit! A medical student! You are gonna become an urogolist and grap balls all day!”

“Fuck you! Pass me that joint! No one knows how it feels to be grabbing balls all day long, like you do.”

“Hey man! By the way since vagina and penis is covered with urology, what about the ass man? Is there assology?”

“You are really ill. Or you are just too high…”


Weird… why not in Antalya insead of Atlanta? With 1 $, a person can buy 6 bottles of (half litered) water in Antalya.

Really weird…

So weird, that I am almost about to say stupid… almost.

17:03                   15.Sept.2017                Friday                      Istanbul                       Bahadir Gezer  


What does “blog” mean?.. ‘be log’? isn’t log the thing that floats on the rivers? It’s like, it’s going where the water is going to… not much of a choice… log also contains the major info about the tree… the circles around the inner face of the log gives that info… so… log is informative (kind of intelligent), also log is benefitial (houses, furniture gets to made with them), log is heavy, log is the word that we must pronounce before we say logic. (Its’ 19:34)

(I chatted with my father about the minimum prices of donuts [simit] and brads coming to the same level at many places around Istanbul… haven’t even think about logs during that during… It’s 19:59)

(It’s 20:14 and I still have some feeling within my being telling me that maybe will be wording more about the word “blog” “log” “b” “be” and so on… I need to be going out now… cheers…)

(it’s 21:55… we walked, talked about genetics, mutation, cloning and abortion, laws, freedom, and the sounds in the language of Turks… we were like “now we use Latin alphabet… So the alphabet starts with the sound ‘A’, how was it when we used tha same language with Arabic alphabet? Did it start with ‘A’? The sound we are talkin about here. Arabic starts with ‘Elif’… a different sound than ‘A’… But the thing is; at the early Turkish writing, what was the first written sound?.. the first letter… got to check the Krill alphabet…” talks about my education planning… Yeah further and allways education… “use/do your labor at the working time, and study at your leisure time” And yes… I now have hope to be talking more about the log… That’s why I am floading with parenthesises… A first sound changing nation still remains to be talking an evaluated version of the very same/early language? What about the log?)

Log also sounds as a full thing… You know, even just saying “log” fills the mouth very solid and full… Blog… what could it mean? Let me check google… 

Please blaze and gaze through the scenes of the City while listening to let's say Johnny Cash- God is gonna cut

I don't understand why it's an issue for a page of this site to be named as "Babasayfa/Motherpage"... yes 'baba' actually means father... yeah, ok... but when i set "Homepage/Anasayfa" ('ana' means mother by the way) nobody complained...

It's 12:01    7 October 2017     Saturday                                     İstanbul                                        Bahadir Gezer

Babam olan ve akademisyenlik mesleğini icra eden Yrd. Doç. Dr. Mehmet Gezer'in kendi ismini taşıyan adlı bir sitesi var. Bu sitede yer alan özellikle babamın 20-30 yıl evvel ürettiği tezler, teoriler, araştırmaların yer aldığı kısımların bundan 30 yıl öceki Türk akademisyenlerin ne kadar üretken ve ilginç fikirleri kayıda aldıkları hakkında faydalı fikirler vereceği inancındayım. Yani 1980'lerde daktilo ile yazılmış bir tez var orada, yanılmıyorsam ya Türk Sineması'nda Müzik (Yeşilçam'da Müzik) veyahut Üsküdar Musıkî Cemiyeti hakkında bir tez bu. Bu tür çalışmaların dijital ortama aktarılarak daha uzun süre güvenle saklanmasının sağlanması çalışması ve bir akademisyenin kendi web sitesini üretip daha şeffaf hale gelmesi alkışlık. Şık.

Belki bir bakarsınız diye sağ yana bir yönlendirme düğmesi ekliyorum;

Turkish flag at which the Âlem looks down nerves me since 2001.

It’s 00:04                  1st of November 2017  2nd actually Friday               Istanbul          Bahadİr Gezer

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Hhmmh hmmhh what would your highness like to eat? Hmmhmh i will cook and serve with joy  mmhmhm...

This is the suppose to be the friendly looking front door of a restaurant chefwith a wellcoming posture

I rarely take a photograph with cell phone... The first 2 photographs are 2 shots of one flash... kind of interesting... the 3rd is how a bird would see with a cam, the moon... 4th is clear... 5th is a matchbox with a lighter ad on it.

It's 23:42      15th Sept 2017       Friday           Istanbul          Bahadır Gezer

Water mirrors are for sale! You know the scenes from many movies that the person is talking to his/her reflection on the water… Now these water mirrors are made, we can place them to the floor. It’s simply water with a black deep bottom and light given from above… I have 4 of them already… Chicks love it…


They egg more when they become chickens if they drink water from the water mirrors…


It’s 13:04    26 August 2017    Saturday                              İstanbul                      Bahadır Gezer

Abuk düşünce: gözlerin bazen görmemesinin sebebi ışığı ısı açısından algılamamak olabilir. Görüntüden ziyade ışığın ısısı yani… bu durumda sigara gibi birşeyi filtre tarafından göze sokup gözün ısıyı algılamasını sağlayacak gözlük gibi bi aparat acaba tıbbi açıdan %100 görmeyenlere bile çare olabilir mi inşallah?

Gözün irisine lazer gibi bişeyle ısı göndererek bişeyler yapmaktan bahsediyorum... Direkt sigara basın göze demiyorum tabii.
Isıya odaklanmak… İnsan gözünün termal olmadığını biliyorum ama ısı mutlaka algılanıyor olmalı gözler tarafından… Deri bile ısıyı hissediyor yahu! Daha hassas olan göz niye hissetmesin? Hissetsin bence ya…

11:34      10 Temmuz 2017  Pazartesi                     İstanbul                                    Bahadır Gezer


Yazım tekniği olmasa da yöntemleri hakkında; örneğin bazısı hergün mesaili yazar, okur… bazısı ise bekler bekler bekler ve bir anda patlar ve 1 ayda dağlar gibi yazar. İki yöntem de iyidir ve ikincisini uygulayanlar birincisini yapanlara genelde gıpta eder. Çünkü ikinci yöntemi uygulayanlar uzun süreler patlamasız geçince baya bir stres yaşamaya başladığında işler darmaduman olur. Unutulmaması gereken; ikisi de disiplindir.

14:08        14 Temmuz 2017  Cuma                             İstanbul                                     Bahadır Gezer


Buzdan ev yapıldığını görmüş, içine girmiştim ve içi oldukça sıcaktı. Buzun içten erimemesine şaşırmıştım. Kalkıp ateşten bir ev demeyeceğim şimdilik tabii ama dev bir mum kütlesinin içini oyup bir oda ya da ev yapsak, eğer ki yapsak yani, bunu en tepeden tutuşturduğumuzda erimesi 20 yıl alsa, gece-gündüz yansa… Mumun içinde olduğumuz için, yananı (ateşi diyemeyeceğim şimdilik) alttan görebilmek. Ateş bazen der ki; “Bir ateş var, tıpkı şöminenin, mumun ateşi gibi bir ateş… ve varlıkla yanıyor, ateş sönerse ne olur?” varlık tükenmiş demektir diyesim geliyor ama ateşten farklı ısı, ışık yayan ve çekim üreten kaynaklar var diyip ateşi küstürmeye hiç niyetim yok…. Yahu bu alınalacak bi şey değil ki! Ben mesela kalkıp “büyük bir göt(kaba et yani) var, içinde varlık var, sıçtığında sence ne olur?” desem ve gerçekten bi de buna inansam bu problem olur mu? Olmaz, olmamalı… ben kalkıp varlığın sonunda ya da başında ateş falan olduğuna benzer cümleni saygıyla ve mizahi olarak dinledim… o sebeple gaza gelip küsmeye falan kalkma ateş…

Yav neydi muhabbet? Mumdan bir ev… Tabii tabii… Onun yerine hani şu şeyler var ya, elektro bayıltıcılar… Onlarda elektrik akımı böyle elektrikli mutfak ocakları gibi böyle bir elektirk akımı köprüsü yapıyorlar. Aynı teknolojiyi geliştirip bu akışkan elektirk köprülerinden duvarlar yaparak ellektro ev falan güzel olabilir… Tabii ayağın kayar da duvara kafanı çarparsan zaçanzo…

22:23        26 Ağustos 2017   Cumartesi                        İstanbul                                       Bahadır Gezer




It's weird that even though humans are humans, they/we still first look at humans at the photos. I mean many do not look at the name of the ships nor to how many corns the corn seller is selling... I mean almost everybody is actually looking to humans while being humans already.


My instinctual logic says "look at the different kinds... see the differents so that you can become familiar with them too... you do not have to know everything within tha habitat but it'll be good if you become familiar with everthing.


And i've been asked about the green shirted guy. He just saw me taking pictures and he decided to stand at front of the objective. He was like "Oh, somebody is taking pictures... let me get myself shot by the already in use camera... after all it's free..."

27 ağustos 2017      02:40                       Sunday                              İstanbul                         Bahadır Gezer


Böğürtlen toplarken nazik ve sıkı olmak biraz kayda değer geldi bana…

27 Ağustos 2017                  15:45                   Pazar                    İstanbul                      Bahadır Gezer

I just can’t forget the not have been at memory in mind… in Korea, an American and Turkish soldier in the same trench… the Turkish soldier yells to the American “tüfek! Tüfek! Tü feeek!” this sounded “too fag!” to the American soldier… and the same sided soldiers started a fist fight there…

“Tüfek” means “rifle” by the way.

around midnight         4 September 2017                    Monday                          Istanbul                Bahadir Gezer                              


aşk için aşk

love for love


12:04                       5 September 2017                    Tuesday                                 İstanbul              Bahadir Gezer




Sometimes life feels artificial

Bazen hayat sanki yapay

12:14                    5 September 2017                   Tuesday                           İstanbul                    Bahadır Gezer


Many people show up at unexpected times… they also show up on unexpected places and tools (computer, phone etc…)…

My previous and also first calculator was solar powered. After years, when started to turn it on at certain spots some shapes used to appear at the screen… not exactly numbers but like numbers… It took me long to figüre out the codes on ‘em… That’s how i started to have communications with outer space in a literal way…

The calculator got lost (or stolen)…


13:53            5 September 2017    Tuesday                       Istanbul              Bahadır Gezer


Ağaç yaşken eğilir.


Ağaç canlı ise yaştır.



14:57            12 Eylül 2017            Salı                              İstanbul                   Bahadır Gezer


To rest; travel through the site...

Dinlence için sitede dolaşın...

I've not been getting online for a while and actually still am trying to off web for a little while.

While i am able to share something, shortly and kindly and respectfully i congratulate the Sacrificial Holiday that the world of Islam recently experienced.

Another thing i can say is that; a new book that iou've written is about to get published soon, which will be available world wide.

I've got to be doing some reading... Also i would like to say that this web site here helped me a lot during writing a book process... Many things that i and people felt not suitable to be placed into a book had been posted here... Also many things i've written for this web site, i've prefered to not broadcast them here and kept them for this book that is gonna come available soon.

Well, by the way, here and there, i did produce some things to be here. But, they are on papers, and on files and on folders... So that's going to take some time to order and load them over here...

By the way i get e-mails asking me why i've taken a picture of that green shirted dude at the "Shots from the City" photos serie... I did not. He saw me constantly taking shots at the same spot and he just walked at front of the cam with a look on his face saying "if somebody is taking pictures... i should be in it... after all it's free..."...

it's 23:48    September 11 -Rest in Peace innocents, and may God give the strength and patience to us the remaining.-  September 11, 2017, Monday              İstanbul              Bahadir Gezer

Yav bu sitenin SSL sertifikası var. SSL demek internette güvenlik demek. Ne diyorum bak; örneğin sitenin başında http:// değil de https:// yazıyor görün mü? İşte o "s" harfi secure (yani sekür) [yani güvenli] anlamına geliyo... Rahat ola yani... downloadlar falan paso güvenli, hijyenik şeyler.

an era of paranoid security… every citizen needs to wear clothes that has chest pocket at the outer part… here, we the citizens place our ID cards… just like the automatic card that we use when we ride on highways/bridges or in tunnels… the inner city outdoor security cams are able to read the barcodes on our ID cards…

Since we have ‘smart’ glasses, those glasses are able to track anyone in our list by using the online system and it is able to -for instance- warn us if our previous girlfriend is about to walk up from the corner at the end of the street…

Have you heard about the navigation system that is able to locate random flowers, insects, road bumpers?.. wait… what I mean is that for example when you are in the forest, the navigation system is able to tell you what kind of a tree you are looking at, and if there are any bird eggs on it -in case if you need to eat urgently-… same navigation system warns you while you are about to drive across a huge hole on the street -which appears suddenly at front of the car-…

Have you heard about what ‘carrier’ means in that era?.. ‘carrier’ is a person who wears a ‘smart’ glass and walks around the city while a person on the other side of the world tells him in the ear where to go and who to talk to while he/she watches what the carrier is looking at… some people have ‘carriers’ for each city in the world…

Bon appetite…

It’s 22:29                 Sunday                 24 September 2017            İstanbul                     Bahadır Gezer


4 phones needed. 2 cell phones, 2 fiber cabled house phones

The caller will make the a dual call with both phones (1 cell-1 house phone) at the same time. And the receiver will answer the upcoming calls from 1 cell phone and 1 house phone at the same time…

Need to have talent and patience to make an exact dual time call.

Please let me know when or if you brake the sound dimensional communication while trying this.

10th of November 2017                Friday                      13:27                       Istanbul                Bahadir Gezer


Insane stories roll from common people;


“I am a Plutonian. Yes, you heard it right. I am from the planet Pluto. We look more like the sand drops in the Earth. We don’t look alive at the first look but we are alive. We are sandlike and jet we are really alive. And we shape the planet we live on in a very proper calculated time schedule. We Plutonians, did send a scout to the Earth almost 80 years ago. That scout landed into the lungs of person. And that person’s grandchild’s son did carry our genetic designed full controlling the DNA code sample scout of ours. And that’s me.

By thinking in words, I send the intel that I gather about the Earth. But the thing is that, I became too human. I decided to block my thoughts and not send info to Pluto and instead even I started to carry info that the Plutonians know about the Existence to the Earth.

But Earth freaked out from the things I said. And now I am in a lunatic house, sharing a room with a maniac who tried to rape his mother.”

11.11.2017            18:06                      


“Do you remember the movie Terminator? I was the guy at first who traveled back in time and hooked up with Sarah Connor.

Well, you probably did not see but during that travel I had Sarah’a picture in my mouth. And I am sexually a little weird, so her picture being in my mouth made me come during the travel. I don’t know where or at what time, but I came during that travel.

And then I got here and eliminated a Terminator T1 and stuff.

But some people really got out of their minds when they learned that a person has come during a time travel.

It kind of feels like every single sperm has found life at all dimensions.”

11.11.2017                 18:15       



“We don’t talk about existing and true stuff many much…

Like the UN meeting in New York… All the leaders of the World are there man! I mean, all of them! And during the meetings they do take pisses and shits, right?

But we do not picture the moment when the American President stands next to Chinese President at the WC standing next to each other and just pissing.”

11.11.2017                  23:59     


“One sounds alone. Two sounds incomplete. Three sounds so much.”

12th of November 2017                00:08


“I am a clone. I’m a clone of Jesus Christ.

After when a piece of the Cross of Crucifixion with a blood mark on had been found, the scientists tried to figure out the DNA code of Jesus. They did figure out DNA code but it was a code unlike others… It seemed like an uncomplete but jet more coplex DNA code. So, the scientists decided there was 2000 DNA codes that could 99% be Jesus’s DNA code.

And they cloned 2000 sample clones to figure out which would more be as Jesus was.

I’m a type that smokes while talking about this but at the half way I stop smoking because I feel like the theme needs extra respect… And I am aware that the last Holly Book has arrived almost 15 centuries ago… But has the Holly Software appear jet? Or the Holly Movie?

What I mean is that, when we will all have glasses at front of our eyes that are wired to the net, when we wouldn’t have to move for no other reason than sex, disposal and eating, when we will communicate with each other fully through the multidimensional personal and social selflife devices, when we will be in our smart phones, no not holding them but actually being in them, then we will need a certain movie for like maybe 4-5 minutes, and we will need to watch it to keep ourselves sane. That would be like a Holly Movie.

Anyways… This makes me think about that movie… So… Cheers…

12th of November 2017           Sunday            01:45          Istanbul                                Bahadir Gezer


PC… Public Computer.

I mean if there’s “Personal”, then there is got to be “Public”…

Where did I see one those? In Dublin? Not in a red cabinet like in London, but a green cabinet and a public computer in it… If you need to use Office Software and/or need to print something out or anything you can do with a computer basically.

I personally prefer public computers to go online at internet. I don’t want to risk my personal computer with nukes and viruses and crappy individuals. But this doesn’t happen so, because even while I write this, my personal computer is on/in internet.

It’s 13:39                15th of November 2017   Wednesday                 Istanbul              Bahadir Gezer


It’s so difficult to keep up during the fall… not seasonwise…

It’s 23:41                   24th of November   Friday                                     Istanbul               Bahadır Gezer

Semi the book by the international Turkish author Bahadir Gezer

                 a Night with the Snail

(92% of the happeneds are untold of course)

Saat 15:37   13 Eylül 2017/Perşembe     İstanbul            Bahadır Gezer

Çok yaygın bir Amazon atasözü (Amazon atasözü... kadınların evlilik teklif ettiği "medeniyet"te ata sözü?) dermiş ki; "en iyisi olmak abartmak değildir."

A very common Amazon proverb says; "being the best is not an act of exaggeration"

It's 15:21           13 September 2017 Thursday             İstanbul                 Bahadır Gezer



Searching for the roaches that still got something to burn in the ashtray. And the grass is actually at the next room… don’t wanna get up but still wanting to smoke comes with the result of diving into the ashtray… a random thing that is caused by solid high…

Have you visited the web site called ?  I could take help of those who would like to improve that web site…

Ok ok... then listen to Guns N Roses- Paradise City, what can i say though?

This actually exists.

I ain’t got material. I mean, if someone just walked up t me and said “I wanna publish a work of yours”, I ain’t got nothing… I mean thousands of pages but no order. So… This is kind of disturbing. And it’s more disturbing that no one asks for that.

5th of November 2017             Sunday       20:18                  Istanbul                            Bahadir Gezer

The way to literally see the future: I’m gonna go by sampling so that it gets easy to understand; let’s say we are walking on a street and it’s dark outside and we pass by a street light, and ten feets later we pass by a tree… the shadow of the tree will be at front of us even though the tree is behind and when the wind blows, even though the tree is behind, by looking forward we’ll know which branches moved.

My office word program gets unusable when I think about telling the other and actual ways about the Time.

It’s 01:17            30 August 2017        Wednesday                   Istanbul                     Bahadır Gezer

I'm not gonna tell the date and time of the pictures just for the privacy of the people who appeared to be in the squares.


Tamam, ilk bakışta sevgi, sevecenlik ve sevimlilik gibi şeyleri bünyemde barındırdığım doğru olabilir. Belki gerçekten öyledir, ve fakat; sevmiyorum yahu.

Sevgilisi ile öpüşürken sevgilisinin gözleri kapalı iken öpüşme esnasında gözlerini bana diken hatunları sevmiyorum mesela.

Yolda yürürken iki davare kızın Almanca olarak “Hey aygır! Üç yol yapalım mı?” diyerek bağıranarak şakalaşması ve gülerek uzaklaşmaları… sevmiyorum bunu.

Cami avlusunda siyasi parti propagandası… üzülüyorum… uzak duruyorum… zorlanıyorum… sevmiyorum.

Laf arası ezikleri… 6 cümlelik bir anlatımda bulunurken 5. cümleden sonra iki kelimelik ve bağlantısız bir küfür ya da hakareti konuşmalarına ekleyip “Yüzüne hakaret ettim be!” diyen laf arası eziklerini dinlemiyorum… es geçiyorum… sevmiyorum.

Parasızlığı sevmiyorum.

Yaklaşık bir aydır devam eden genelde tembellik halim beni rahatsız etmeye başladı. Bunu sevmiyorum mesela.

Sevmediğim ton olmasa da kilolarca şey var.


Konu değişe…

Yazmakta benim kişisel tecrübem şu yönde: Kimse gelip de “Şunu yazabilir misin? Bunu yazabilir misin?” demiyor bana… Memnunum aslında… Çünkü gazetelerdeki çoğu yazının ısmarlama olduğunu hatırlayınca “belki” diyorum “maddi sorumluluk seviyemin aşağı olması belli bir özgürlük katmerlemesi yapıyor olabilir.” Şeklinde bir yaklaşım. Ama buna dilimizde ‘züğürt tesellisi’ denir. Ama cidden, nedense hiç kimse halen “Yaa şu uluslararası yayınlanan kitaplarından bir dahakinde şunlara yer verebilir misin?” demedi.


Bazen diyorum ki hayatımın en zor dönemlerinden biri Cerone çıkmazında New York’da arabamda yaşadığım zamandı. Gerçekten, gıdasızlık, susuzluk, yalnızlık, yenilmişlik, ve akla hayale gelebilecek neredeyse tüm olumsuz sıfatlar bir araya gelmişti. Radyo açıktı. Yardımdı. Kalem, kağıt vardı; yalnızlığı paylaşırlardı.

Hayır kalkıp şimdi, “o zamanlar en değerli ve iyi vakitlerdi” falan demeyeceğim. Çünkü değildi. Çok kötüydü. Çok. Yok çoktu.

Aklımdan hiç çıkmayan bir zaman dilimini neden şimdi şu an buraya yazıyorum bilmiyorum. Belki de hakkında az şey söyleyip “ben o konu hakkında zaten konuşmuştum” diyebilip konuyu kapatabilmek için.


Fazla komik olmanın veyahutta insanlara pozitif ve faydalı bir olgu olan gülümsemeyi, gülmeyi verebilmenin, yani nüktedan ve iyi şaka yapabilen biri olmanın sanırım saygı konusunda zorluklar yaşatabileceğine defalarca tanık oldum.

Bu nedenle kendim bile söylediklerime kahkahalarla gülerken bir yandan “Ben şaka yapmıyorum. Sadece komik şeyler söylüyorum.” falan diyedurdum.

Son bir iki hafta boyunca odamda bilgisayarımla ses kayıtı yaptım. Genelde odamda müzik mevcutken yaptığım kayıttan ötürü benim konuştuğum ve seslendirdiğim mevzular dinlenebilir oldu mu bilmiyorum. Ama bu bir iki hafta boyunca gülmekten yarıldığımı hatırladığım zamanlar var. Yapabilecek olsaydım bu yüzlerce saatlik kaydı dinleyip aradan espri minvalinde ya da cidden ilginç kısımları cımbızlayıp belki bloğa ekleyebilirdim. Ve fakat yüzlerce saati nasıl dinleyeyim? Hele ki bir de içinde müzik de olunca sesleri ayırt etmek için özel bir yazılım gerekebilir. 

13:35               12.12.2017     Salı                                     İstanbul                                 Bahadır Gezer                       



Bazen sabah uyandığımızda aklımızda geceden bir tane bile rüya olmadığını hissedebiliriz ve hatta deriz ki “Dün gece rüya falan görmedim.” ya da “Dün gece bir rüya gördüm.”… Aslında hepimizin gece uykusu boyunca rüya gördüğümüz ve fakat bunları hatırlamadığımız söylenir.

Gün içinde aklımdan geçen bazı düşüncelerin aslında “hatırlamadığım” rüyaların vakitsiz (ya da tam vaktinde) hatırlamalar olduğunu hissetmeye başladım bu ara.

Yani nasıl tarif edeyim;

“Mantığın algılanımında mantıksızlık ile kıyas yapıldığına göre mantıksızlık kısmî bir mantık barındırmıyor mu?.. yani mantıksızlık kabullenilebilir olmayan mantık mı?”

“Spak ne yapıyorsun?”

“Üniversite sınavına çalışıyorum anne.”

İşte bu olsa olsa bir gece görmüş olduğum bir rüyanın hatırlanışı olsa gerek.

14:15               12.12.2017  Salı                                İstanbul                                       Bahadır Gezer