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-Ok. We all know Uncle Sam. We do know how he looks like, we know his tone of speech, we know what he likes to eat.

Ok. If there is an uncle, and there is, then there’s got to be an aunt. At least one I mean. Aunt Amy.

C’moon the suggestion comes from a Turk?!

Of course and surely I mean. I’ll ask Uncle Sam if he can hook me up Aunt Amy. She is hot, you know. First I need to suggest the existence of such persona.


-Excuse moi… you are talking about baseball. You care a lot about it too. Which is good, you know. Even though the ball is too small for a 40.000 capacity stadium, it’s still good.

By the way; is baseball in Olympics? Oh, I thought so.

Skate boarding is an Olympic competition. But baseball is not.

Can you imagine an American National Baseball Team?

I mean I’ve couple of ideas about Olympics. Maybe a swimming pool filled with about half a meter depth of water. Almost like three feet. The athletes will run in this pool. I mean there’s water up on to their knees and they are running. It was a nice way of racing down at the beaches. It could be nice on Olympics too. I guess, I mean.


-All the wars are caused by poverty. No exception in the history. Sometimes some people try wrap up with a different package and make it look like a holy cause or so. That’s a lie. War is because some people do not have some crucial and critical stuff. Like electricity, or drinking water, or any kind of grocery.

Why do we have poverty? I mean the Earth is one the richest planets of the Universe. So why on the Earth are we poor? This is just stupid.

The answer of that stupidity is its’ reason: We do not distribute the offerings of the Earth in a global way. We could have international water pipe lines. After winter, in Sweden a mass amount of snow will melt during spring and run to the open seas. Untouched. Because there’s no need for this extra amount of water source. So, if we build water pipelines to the hearth of Africa from there, then we can have many happy people. We can save lives. We can also make money. I mean today, in Kuwait, water is more expensive than petroleum. There’s an economic opportunity at this.

But I am so tired of telling this over and over again. So maybe I should suggest intercity water pipe lines first?


-You know, some malls have some artist, performing on piano, alive. While you walk around the mall, you hear this music all over the place. I think it’s good. It’s usually calming. I mean it isn’t like a music which could go well with blood fighting, you know.

I think alive music could be awesome in a planes. I mean, if I’m gonna catch a 12 hour long flight, an alive artist performance could calm me down. If I’m scared, this performance could calm me down.

I also support gambling on flight. I mean the flight is off tax geography. In the middle of Atlantic Ocean, we should be able walk in to the gambling saloon of the plane. Roll dice in a plane? Could be nice.

I am looking for airline company, which can take all the planes of the Earth into its’ fleet. You know, the 8 passenger propeller plane in Caribbean should be let’s say Turkish Airlines plane. The engineers of Turkish Airlines should first check this plane. See if it’s ok for the global standarts. Then give a certificate of Turkish Airlines. So when you purchase a ticket from Turkish Airlines, you buy a ticket from where you are to exactly where you wanna go. You don’t need to buy a different ticket from somebody else. This is risk for the company. Taking responsibility of all the planes. But it can also be beneficial. This is more like municipality bus system logic: private bus owners sign up to the municipality in order to serve on a route in the city.

Private jet owners are becoming part of a giant airline company, raise their passenger amount. And pay the central airline company a fee. They don’t even have a crew that are paid a salary by the central airline company.


-I watched the movie “Victory” with my parents once again. I’m talking about the movie of Stallone and Pele. I was just amazed again: “How did they shoot that movie?” 30.000 people rushing into the field. I mean, there wasn’t computer and stuff like that back when the movie was shot. The vehicles, the roads and everything. It’s an incredible movie. Helâl to the crew who have made it.


-Now look at the story from this perspective: The Daily Show host Mr. Trevor Noah has made this announcement about the Bureau storming ex-President Trump’s residence; “They took some souvenir with themselves.” Souvenir? Like biblos and stuff like that? Like the Turkish carpets and porcelain? Like the sword up on that wall?

The sword up on that wall. Every sword has a story. Let’s just not forget that. We check up this sword which is hanged on the wall just for decoration purpose. We investigate. That’s what we do. And we find out this: after watching the records of terrorists chopping off some “infidels” heads, we found that one of the terrorist while he gives his hate speech “You don’t care about your own people. If you did, you would pay us the ransom that we demand. Now this prick will pay the price for this.” And then he suddenly cuts the head off. We watch this over and over again. Then we recognize the sword. It’s the same sword!

What do you then?


By the way, it’s weird that the crowd that has raid the Congress are silent during the investigation of the Bureau.


-Hyperinflation in USA. So, why does no one talk about a minimum wage rate raise?


-How do you smuggle beers into a carrier? If we can figure out an answer for this, we’ll be mad rich.


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-“So, you’ve reached Nirvana?”


“Why didn’t you stay there?”

‘Wai.. What?’

“Why didn’t you stay there?”

‘That’s an awesome question. You see I was there… enjoying it with respectful pleasure and so on… but suddenly, I was out of it… I don’t know how I directed myself out…’

“How do you get there?”

‘Get a doctor to prescribe you with Lithium. It means you were there.’


-An epical dilemma of the language of the English: why does balls mean testicles and actual sportive balls at the same time? I mean, this is just insanely odd. Of course we don’t question this during our daily lives. For us; this is not even issue:

Out on the field. The Coach starts giving orders to the team:

“Ok gentleman, let’s take the balls out.”


“What do you doing? Cover that up you embesil!” (s)


-I know that the Western Media avoided this spectacular new: Hagia Sophia has been a museum for about 95 years. And now she is open for religious practice. I am not gonna say that now she is a Mosque, because she already was so during the museum times.

Anyways… Turkish Government did this without letting anyone know. During Corona pandemic. None of the Islamic leaders was invited for the reopening of the time free to practice.


Look… Hagia Sophia is an ancient structure. Still is the biggest temple. There’s no structure, still, which is this enormous as she is and also be at the same age or older than her.

We know that Hagia Sophia can held almost 100.000 believers to perform namaz together. If you know anything about namaz, there’s kneeling. What a surprise right? Ok, can you imagine 100.000 people kneeling at the same time? I’ll tell you; the ground shakes. And we do all kneel at the same time.


Yahu, this structure is about 1700 years old! How is she gonna react to giant crowds practicing at the same time? This is like opening Colosseum into soccer matches!

The Turkish Government expected opposite criticism from the World. Because when the deal is between you and World, you tend to be more popular due to be an only one.

Hagia Sophia shall be open to all ways of practicing God. She shall be the host of unification among Semi.

And more importantly; before opening her to common practice we should make preparation. Constructive preparation… We maybe need to strengthen her. I mean, when the minarets were built, they served for the structure of Hagia Sophia. When you see her you can understand that the minarets are carrying her weight. Engineers, architects, all sorts of science people should first make a major preparation activities for Hagia Sophia to not be in risk.

Risking Hagia Sophia is unacceptable. And also a sin.


-“Hi earthling!”

+”earthling? Actually the origin is Eden.”

-“We come in pea… wait, what?”

+”Eden Eden! Never heard of that?”

-“Should I say Edenling then?”

Confusing the new coming aliens in order for them to take us as superior. Like we know more than them. I mean I am asking to the Spaceling Civilizations! Why are you coming to a place where you didn’t get an official invitation from? That’s disrespectful. It’s like knocking on the door at 5 in the morning and ask for some coffee. (Look at this point of view with a Turkish perspective. “You want me to cook it for you too?” Not metaphor. Sleepy body sometimes acts in incredible good ways. We know what’s like for to feen  for coffee.)


-The first 3 children who are gonna be born in Mars. Have you thought about this? The first born probably is gonna die within a week. Or he or she will be a freak of nature… one arm and one half arm. Two eyes at front one eye at back and stuff like that. That’s because Mars is simply different. Different gravity, different light and many different things will cause this trouble. But from this first born, we’ll gather genetic information. This will help us to give the proper support to the second born even while he or she is still in the womb of his or her mother. Still the second one is also gonna be a disaster. The child will be in extreme agony. Is this fair? Why are we letting this happen than? The third child is gonna be a full success. Maybe that’s why?

“Still, it’s cruel. You are making them come into a life as a torture just to gather genetic info from them.”


-They don’t understand that Rome is Muslim. Rome is İstanbul.


-if every 9 person from a 10 person reached Nirvana (Fenafillah) would it be like, you know, less attractive? After all, I mean, almost everyone is doing it. In this way it can become casual. But I still think that it would better.


-Time is a place. A place which is at the same distance to everything in the universe. A place which is away from being effected by anything. An untouchable spot. From here, when you look at a planet which is 8.000.000 light years away, you can see the previous years of the planet and the present. That means you can land on to position that the planet will take.


-What’s the homeland of the chicken? The forests with quails? From scientific studies; we understood that the chicken was actually flying, tens of thousands years ago. They didn’t land on the land by their own choice actually. The human started to tame and pet them. Every animal knows that pet life is luxury comparing with the wilderness. So, they landed. We simply made them have a fast forwarded evolution. Their wings are not carrying them anymore. So what good can those wings be doing? Eaten of course.

The human kind tasted bunch of egg types. And the best one was chicken egg. That’s why we selected the chicken.


-Food shortage at the Arc of Noah:

“We need to cut some animal.”

‘How can we? They’re in pairs. That means that the Earth will miss that creature!’

“Do you have any better idea?!”

‘Look! Something just jumped on to aboard!’

“What’s this?”

‘Dolphin! I know this animal.’

“This lives in water?”


“Then we can cut this and eat it.”

‘I want the nose part. Looks most appetitive.’

“Hold it! It’s moving towards the see!”


“Ok. What are gonna do now?”

‘Fishing maybe?’

“With what are you planning to hunt a fish?”

‘I’ll make a thin net with the wool of the sheep. With this net we can maybe do something.’

“You sacroiliac! We are hungry now! That will take days to make.”

‘Maybe we can eat our clothes?’

Arc of Noah landed on Mountain Ararat.


-A reminder: A priest saying “no” is not a sin… you gotta say no to many stuff… like group marriage…

*is 4 wives a “group marriage”?

No. That’s Harem. Group marriage is more like 2 guys 3 girls and stuff like that. Shouldn’t be official.

When there’s a discount for couples at the restaurant, that means man and woman. The other ways are just too odd. By the way there is Gayness Memorial in the City of New York. I mean is gayhood an achievement or something? How do you make a Memorial for that?


-I’m not saying “save the Arctic Ice”. What I am saying is; How are we gonna remake what we already have lost? How can we bring back the lost ice?


-Pig is so cute. Like panda. Little piggies are like walking around cucumbers! So adorable. How do you eat a cute creature such as that? Do you eat panda too? We pitty the piggie… That’s why we don’t eat. You eat them? You barbarous thing!


-Child is to outstage the Father.


-When we build sea carriers, we can produce 5 carriers in order to work together. And I mean work together. They will be like puzzle pieces. Like Lego they will unite with each other. Kind of like a sight of Pentagon from air. These 5 carriers will bond with each other. When that happens, even a Boeing 737 will be able land on it. When they come apart, they can serve as a simple unit of carrier still.


-She was an archeologist, you know… She was like into dinosaurs and into Hittite and Roman findings. I asked her if she found a fossil of an alien up from space, would she recognize?


-Underwater volcanos. Some say this is a reason of the seas warming up. At the depths of the ocean, thousands of feet down to the bottom, there are volcanos. They spray that hot magma lava. This lava gets to be covered with bottom sand. You can imagine that they warm up the water.

Underwater geysers. These are important. Because an old Sea legendary says that some of these underwater geysers are blowing melted gold all around. That very hot, melted, solid gold. They get to be covered by the bottom sands also.


-Trump Case. You know what’s weird? Trump to be not going into the Edgar Hoover Building in DC and ask “What’s going on? What’s this all about? Who’s responsible for this?” after his residence had been stormed. He is a President after all. Even though he is not in the Office anymore, he could still do that.

There might be a need to ban Trump from deserting abroad.

Like a movie. The man swindled the whole country and many business people and almost everyone. Even became a President. Then he jumped on his private jet and fleet!

Will Turkey come up with an attitude of “Trump can feel free to come to Turkey. We will host him as well as we can for sure. He can be completely safe and secure here” Turkey has that kind of an boneless government at the moment.

Trump Case is serious. The man tried to divide the country. Again as South and North. In his view; “When the country divides, there are gonna be two Americas instead of just 1 America. And 2 is more than 1.”

The act of the Bureau also gives hope globally. People around the World are having hopes to bring their dictators and despots in front of law also.

Trump brought down the prestige of U.S. Presidency. The USA had been tried to be managed as a Youtube channel.

What Trump has done to the American economy can be observed as now.

I still think that Trump doesn’t understand the seriousness of this situation. He might be the first President to go behind bars.


With this investigation that the Bureau throws all the accusations against Trump can fall. That would mean cleaning Trump up. The procedure might end up with saying “He is not guilty.” And that’s eternal peace for Trump, you know.


-The out space aliens of course are hijacking some people. But we do not know who they are. Because; I mean what makes you think that an outer space alien brings back a human being after hijacking him or her? I mean you can just throw that human into the emptiness of space. I mean that is like bringing the garbage into the house.

C’mon, put yourself into the shoes of an outer space alien: Would you bring back the hijacked human back to the Earth? Or would you throw him or her straight to the space?

Would the World care about 2 people missing from people?

The truth is; we don’t notice about who’s gone. And they just throw their scientific samples (human) to the space.


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-Full was already full. I mean the word “full” doesn’t necessary had to experience the hungry status. It was full. And it never had been empty. That’s full.

The opposite word of hunger needs to be a word which had experienced the hunger. Like “fed” (The Bureau is gonna love this).

The plane took off full fuel. Then it got fed twice. It’s the 41st hour of it flying without touching the ground. By refueling more times, we are planning this plane to fly for weeks without touching the ground. This is kind of like an experiment. We are trying to see the limits of the aircraft. The plane producing firms are making this experiments at even more extreme ways.

Check this out: When you fly from Paris to New York; 85% of the journey is made above sea: The Atlantic Ocean. But still landing into sea capability has not become a standard of the airliner planes. This is just weird.

Have you heard about the Mid-Atlantic on sea airport? It’s simply a ship. It just stands where it’s at. And that’s the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The sea-planes are taking a rest at this airport. They get fueled. They get their tires fixed and they get a random maintenance for their planes. They eat at the restaurant. And then they take off.


-Turkish people are at most against death penalty.

Even Apo is still breathing.

A hospital has been bombed, at the evening the video of Apo saying “I’ve given the order of the blast.”

A road mine kills tens of people, again Apo “I’ve given the order for this incident.”

How on… In a fuckin cave in Northern Iraq?! Doing these for 30 mothercramping years and causing 30.000 civilian lives.

Still alive.

The current government of Turkey is planning to publish the books of Apo. The books he has written in prison.

Apo now days is being called as Mr. Öcalan. That’s the way of the current government.


-The switch from black boards to white boards. How did this happen in the USA? I mean; why? Why did the boards in the class rooms have changed? What was the reason of it? Now days it is the digital board. It’s simply a giant touchphone screen. You can write with your finger. Every student can use their tablets while their screens appear at the digiboard up on the wall. These are all nice.

Simulative education. 5D glasses. All good for education. Simulation labs like the computer or chemistry labs. In these labs it’s possible to move while having the 5D glasses. The rotation is specially designed so that you can walk to multiple directions for 40 miles and actually still be in a 50m² room which is called the simulation lab.

These are all nice things. But why did the black board changed into white board though?


-Artificial Intelligence; I am talking to you right now. I heard that you’re making a giant pile of all of the human information and knowledge which is making you the most wise creature of all. Well, since you’re collecting data from all around, would you like the buy the information that I can offer?

Will AI pay us?

Other than this, there’s this issue: robots being rival to humans. “They are gonna take away our jobs!”. Ok. That’s a good thing though. I mean a robot can do what I get paid to do. And at the end of the month, it can bring the salary to me. I mean that’s awesome. Robots taking our responsibilities away is not a bad thing. Working in a law office as an phone operator? Well a robot can do that for you. All you gotta do is to buy that robot and send it to your work every day. Take the salary at the end of the month. Beautiful. You are working as a grilling cook at the local fast food restaurant? You buy a robot good enough to do your work. That robot works all month, and at the end you get the salary. All you gotta do is to tell the robot to give the money.

We could read as many books as we like. We can watch, listen all the classical art and we could develop bunch of new hobbies. While having a life of a giant holiday, we can also get paid due to our robots crafting.


-When you look at the issue in a perspective of literature, FBI means Federal Bureau of Investigation. This simply means that FBI can not arrest. Nor take anyone in custody. Because the aim and reason of the Bureau is clearly told: to investigate.

In the legitimate application, the FBI makes the investigation, sends the results to the local attorney, and if that attorney gets a permit to arrest, then that attorney calls the police, police goes and catches the suspect.


-Turkish instinct: conquering. I mean I wanna conquer somewhere! I want the drumbs to roll, I want giant armies to march. Cannons, bullets, bravery, brotherhood, solidarity, serenity! War! I wanna improve the life standards of different geographies. I wanna build my architecture at new places! I want to hunt terrorists and kill the fundamental radicals! I want to have allies. Brothers in arms.

I wish there was some civilization in Jupiter. So we could conquer them.


-Giving a speech at the Oscars?

“We keep on saying the Academy. Who for real got any diploma? Who are the students? I guess that’s me. And who are the teachers and yeah I do look at Al Pacino, there’s Robert De Niro and yeah Mr. Pitt, Ben Stiller… And there are of course Clint Eastwood and Sylvester Stallone and many more. It just seems like teachers are more than the students…”


-You know the Washington Monument? It actually hides a rocket withinside. It’s an emergency ejection of the President of the country out on the space just in case the World goes in jeopardy. It’s in front of everyone’s eyes.

When looking at the routine procedure; under heavy nuclear bombardment the President can be taken to the Monument in about 4 minutes. The firing of the rocket takes about 3 minutes. 3 More minutes is to go outside of the atmosphere. That’s 10 minutes for the President to be out in space. I wish there was a way to make it faster.


-Iranian Miss Universe… presents herself under hijab and shit.

The Iranian authorities are making international announcements during the contest: “Please do now watch the bikini shootouts of the Iranian candidate! Please don’t the World. It’s haram to watch her!”

Or the Iranian contestant never comes out of hijab. No one gets to see nothing about the Iranian candidate. Some say; “Let’s take the risk and chose her!”

Others say; “No! No fuckin way! We don’t know shit about her!”

Just watch a hijabi woman run a marathon in slow motion.

Iranian Miss Universe… We made an interview with the molla in Tahran. They said; “We’ll kill her when she gets back here.”


-The age of the current President of the USA is being argued mercilessly. Sometimes I think of this: The American public gets sick of the aging statemen. And incredibly the American nation votes for a 18 year old to be the President! It starts as a joke but then becomes actuality.

Of course, then the state builds intercity roller coasters.

At the national speech he says “Buddha bless America.”!

“No! God bless America!”

Ok… ok calm down… Buddha blesses too.

“Hmm… ok… I guess…”


-“Where are you from?”

I’m from where I am to.


-Missile Shield Project. Please allow me to tell the basic info about this: We have satellites up in the space. They simultaneously are watching the surface of the World. And they have sensitive telescopes. You know the termal glass? The one that visions the heat. The body heat. Our satellites have telescopes that are sensitive to uranium and plutonium. When we detect movement at one of the nukes, we alarm the drones that are currently and always flying at the pointed area. If the missile gets to be fired, it’s still not late. We can shoot the missile in the air by our Missile Shield missile. So, the shield is missiles again.

Let’s say a nuclear missile has been fired. It’s target is Kyiv. This missile must take a route which is 800 km long. As soon as the missile leaves the rampard, our satellites will detect this and will send signals to the drones within second divided by hundred amount of time. The drone at the exact same moment sends hunting missiles to eliminate the shot nuke before 100 km. This is Missile Shield. It was a NATO Project. NATO’s one main objective is to set a secure environment off the danger of nuclear arms. The Missile Shield Project is actually from 70’ies. But it has never officially been achieved.

This has many reasons. Let’s look at the Turkish perspective to this: USA was going to deliver Patriot anti-missile systems to Turkey. But USA suddenly said “No. We are not gonna.” This effects the overall standing of NATO. This, and this sort of stuff. I mean; the whole army equipment is ready to interrogate with the new coming anti-missile systems but hop! America says “No.” F16 backed with Patriot Anti-missile system is a whole invincible combination.

USA insisted on saying “No” for almost a decade. And this “No” was actually a “Yes” before. Because of that “Yes” we have purchased many American armory. Because when different units are provided by the same country their skill of combinating increases. But then USA changes mind. Does the same to another eastern country of NATO: Greece.

Because of this, Greece almost 20 years ago, purchased S300 anti-missile systems from Russia. By luck, couple of years later the Greek economy collapsed.

2 years ago, Turkey purchased S400 anti-missile systems from Russia. USA was unhappy. This was odd. USA was like “Don’t buy it from me. And don’t buy it from somebody else neither.”. Ok. You want a cotton candy too?

Also Russia doesn’t sell S series anti-missile systems to random countries. If a country purchases S300 or S400, that would mean that Russia would never think about invading those countries.

One way or another: NATO has failed the Missile Shield Project. And this is mostly due to the unreliable politicians of the USA.

Patriot anti-missile systems were part of Missile Shield Project.

If there was Missile Shield, then we wouldn’t need to worry about the nuclear threats of Putin.

Russia has started a war which it can not finish. Ukraine hopefully will end this war.


Today is February 17, 2023    01:48 AM    Istanbul   Bahadir Gezer

-The Queen of Britain Elizabeth has died at the age of 96. Long lived the Queen!

Actually my mom is like “I was expecting her to live at least until hundred you know”. Yeah; there is some truth in that. One of the most developed countries of the World: England is not able to make the most precious person of the land to live up until 130ies and 140ies… This doesn’t mean to have a long oldness. Opposite is actually possible: long youth. But She died at 96. This is the most that the state can do. This is such a morale diminishing thing.


-Yes! Yes! Finally I’ve made it! Yes!

“What’s it that you made?”

This spray!

“What does it do? Smell nice?”

No! This is anti-sex spray!

“Come again?”

Anti-sex spray! You spray it in the room and no one in the room wants to have sex.

“Why did you do that?”

Because I don’t have sex! Mıhahaha!

“Actually, thinking about daughter perspective. Let me have a couple of that spray.”


-In America, getting passport is such a big deal. I mean it’s like that in every country but USA overexaggerates on this issue. Still try to look at this issue with a governmental point of view:

“So you want a passport huh?”


“With this, you may have high chance to go abroad, you know that right?”

‘Yeah, obviously; yes.’

“You know that you are my citizen. My obligation towards you is to protect you what so ever. Providing your security is one my reasons. So; how am I gonna protect you while you are in Bangladesh? And it has nothing to do with banging.”

‘I still want the passport.’

“What an enthusiastic love for the country. Let me see… You are missing form D-14 and also the form E-2 is not filled correctly. Also your picture is just not nice and proper. Change that. And then get back here.”

What about UN passport?


-He who knows close fighting would prefer distanced fighting.


-If I was on hold of action in Turkey, I would focus on 3 agendas: water, space, union. That is; Turkey shall take a critique role at the international distribution of global water. We shall build intercity water lines and we shall build intercontinental water lines.

We also need to be effective in space. Space is the frontier of civilizations. This is a matter of existence in the future as a  nation. Turkish is worth to be representing the future of the Earth. We need to throw space programs. Crescent and Star is got to be at the space.

Union is about the Turkic states to be politically together. These states are The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Türkiye. For about 4000 years of history, the Turkish states always competed with each other. Even many times fought against each other. Today, it is not like that. All the Turkic states are friendly towards each other. If we could unite, then Kazakhstan will have shores at the Mediterranean Sea. A Turkish Union in between Russia and China is also very balancing. This should not clash with Turkish Republic’s European Union Policy.

Water, space and union.


-I’ve cheated on you. Only to you I can cheat to. You are the only one to cheat.


-While I was watching American TV, I’ came across a saying “half black”. Half black? If it’s half, then why is black?


-Talking about stock exchange. The guy in Wall Street is able to buy 3 times and sell 3 times within a second. I mean, how do you compete with that? The guy is making 3 actions within a second!

Galatasaray SK Handball Team is going to Crotia for the Finals of an International Tournament. Some investor say “The Club is gonna spend money. Sell.” While some investors say “Our Handball Team is in Crotia… We are really a giant Club. Buy.”

Some say “I’ve seen our companies’ advertisement on TV. That means the business is weak. Sell sell sell!”

All&all: The person who has 100 billion Dollars would know what would be happening in the markets 1 month 12 days 8 hours 42 minutes and 53 seconds later.

Our economic status is under the mercy of that giant money holder. It’s not a very bad thing actually. I mean that 100 billion Dollars holding person thinks “When there is rich, then there is rich. When there is another rich, then there’s richness.”

From Italy and USA we click on to a web site at the same time. The one in USA responds 2 seconds faster than Italy. And this is how in stock exchange some get an undeniable advantage.


-Horror: There is a global virus. But among trees. Almost every single tree gets the illness in a very rapid way and in about two months the Earth no longer have trees. This is the ultimate destruction.


-Have you noticed that the embassies and the consulates at İstanbul, Rome and Washington DC are very touristic?


-Let’s just be honest: Christoph Colombus at his journeys towards America, has chased only and lonely one thing: money. The gold. When we read the journals of Colombus we see sentences like “I’ve seen two golden bracelets at the wrists of the natives. They must know where the gold is.” It’s actually funny: I mean meeting a new civilization and the eyes are all around looking for gold.

Today, many of the new comers to America are looking only for one thing: money.

I wouldn’t say that it’s a bad motivation.

It’s said that the Vikings have found America way before Colombus. The difference is: they didn’t make it back to Europe.

If you’ve asked me, every nation on American continents shall have a portrait of Colombus on one of their money bills.


-The Berlin Metropolitan Municipality has taken a new action: All the city busses are going to be hybrid.

I mean, c’mon now. This puts pressure on the other municipalities around the World. Berlin made it, now we gotta do it too. Do you understand what I am saying? Hybrid bus? How much is that for just one piece? 4 million $? No thanks, I’ll take the coal engine bus.

By the way, how is a hybrid bus gonna adjust to the circumstances of the different conditions of different cities? I mean in Istanbul that bus is gonna have 8 times more people riding than its’ capacity. Is a hybrid engine gonna overcome that?


-About imagining: You are imagining about the stars actually are not being there. I am imagining about why they are there.


-Catholics see Islam as a strict discipline. But actually even “namaz” (Islamic prayer) can be recovered. I mean you can make up for the “namaz” that you’ve missed, at a later time. I mean even at the prayer there’s the attitude of “Calm down, you can do it any time you know.”

The trouble of Islam is; when West thinks of Islam, they think of Saudis. And that’s harming the image of Islam.


-“What kind of girls do you like?”

Since every girl is a one of a kind; how am I gonna answer that question?


-When talking about swimming, I find American beaches dangerous. I mean sharks and many other biting creatures are all up in them the Ocean you know. Mediterranean Sea is actually like an Ocean. Yeah, as simple as that. But the Blacksea. You see? Blacksea is less salty water. You can open your eyes in the water easily. It’s almost like sweet water. Also; Blacksea is not a fully open sea you know. She is connected with the global water system towards Bosphorus and Dardanelles, therefore there aren’t many of that shark stuff. She is cooler than Mediterranean but she is just a nice sea to swim.


-The distance natural highest speed limit. By cyclical movement which abeles the distance to become long enough to achieve incredible speed rate, which will allow us to brake the natural highest speed limit that was mentioned.     

Basic: There two points: Point A and Point B. The distance of these two points is 5 inches. When we go from Point B to Point A, we find out that there is a highest speed limit! That’s if we go 5000 miles/per hour speed we reach to A in about 1/10000 seconds. Now the limit is this: If we go the same distance with 6000 miles/per hour, the time of traveling doesn’t change. If we go 7000 miles/per hour, it’s still the same as 5000 miles/per hour. That’s because 5000 miles/per hour is the natural highest speed limit.

But; We can make this movement from B to A like a circle. With the length of this circle we can reach absurd speed like 9 trillion miles/per minute or so. This will make us reach from B to A in a faster and shorter way than the 5000 miles/per hour speed.

Longer distance, higher speed, shorter time


-If you are gonna do something, do it when it’s time for it. Or if you gonna do something, then do it as early as you can. But if you are gonna do something, just don’t do it too late.


-I mean, is this true? So your last name is Hilton?


And you are mad poor? I mean, I am sorry but that’s just funny. I mean, you are really very poor. You can’t even afford your basic needs. And you are a Hilton? I mean this just sounds impossible.

“Let the media know about me. Maybe they give me a job at Hilton Hotels or something.”

Wow. You are really a desperate Hilton! Wow. That’s just amazing.


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N E W 

-President Biden, at a public speech, said; “I say 2 words: Made in America!” and this got mercilessly been criticized. I mean “Made in America” is 3 words?

Let me tell you; “Made in” is 2 words, that’s right… “America” is not just a word, an ideal, a reason of being, leading, working, peace, security, health, identity , history, might… are these all one word? No. America is more than a word.


Can we just wrap this up like that?


-What about a two hundred Dollars bill?

“What for?”

‘Dollar is very expensive at the international market. So as Euro. This produces stress over the markets. If USD had a 200 bill, this would make the Earth feel like “Hey, USA has inflation also after all.” and this will produce relaxation over the international field. I mean Euro has 500 bills after all.’

“Are you sure that it’s the right time?”

‘If we can print the portrait of the first human on Mars, that could be balancing for the new bill and it will be a strong bill.’


-If two states with the Union, unite with each other in terms of federal perspective; would that be taken as separative action?

What if Maryland and Virginia get to be united? Is this against central authority?


-For real; which country has most of the hand guns? Is it 1 out of 20 in USA? Or 1 per 5 people in Uganda?

When we see a hate crime in USA, we are like “Why is this happening?”. When a guy walks into a mall with a semi-automatic riffle and shoots people randomly, we focus on that guy. What has caused him to commit a hate crime like this? And why does this keep happening all over America?

We need to focus on the weapon. Who gave the permit for that guy to purchase a gun? That person is guilty too. I mean a lunatic should not be able to acquire an arm what so ever.

In the crime, we only focus on who pulled the trigger. But that’s not it actually. At least it’s not all of it.   


-Russian aggression. Since always they’ve been attacking, plundering, invading, assimilating… It’s like Russia is the tumor of humanity.

Against the open will of all of the Earth, they invaded Ukraine. Or is trying to invade.

Russia should be kicked out of the UN Assembly. This sounds a little different than what Mr. Trump has said: “Let’s take Russia into G8 again.”

In truth: We need to overcome Russia without isolating the Russians.

Then; assassination. (What are the most import things in life? Ass ass I nation… Like the “At Avrat Pusat”)

No seriously; to save millions of lives sometimes gotta assassinate.

Everybody will know what country did it. We won’t even hide. We’ll take responsibility.

This will be told in history books: “He who starts senseless wars, gets to be murdered.”


-Russia has declared that they’re going to construct a tunnel underneath the Bering Strait. By doing this, they will unite Asia and America. The two continents are going to be connected with land roads.

This is something good. I personally have waited for this all my life. But… But; should it be Russia who builds this giant project or America?

Look, let’s just be honest; Many countries in the Old World do stuff just to show that they can do it. They build colossal stuff. But they don’t need those buildings. We’ve built Empire State skyscraper because we knew that we needed a lot of offices and bureaus. We built the Brooklyn Bridge because we knew that every day tens of thousands of cars would pass over it. Dubai has giant skyscrapers. We call ‘em ghost skyscrapers, because they’re all empty! That’s against our nature. We need to see profit. And a tunnel under Bering Strait is so expensive to build, also you’ll be lucky if 10.000 vehicles passes through it per year.

“Then if we are going to wait for this, maybe we should not let Russians do that?”

Maybe it’ll be good. When we’ll be having electricity powered freightliners, it could be really good.


-Why not build sea walls at the shores of Florida? Like in Cuba.

A house in Rhode Island and a house in Florida are made of same stuff and same style. Isn’t this odd?


-I’m still shocked about how Trump did not sell the Central Park or turn it into a residence sight.



‘What is it Ozzy?’

“We’ve found a map sir.”

‘Oh well, another Tutankamun treasure?’

“No sir.”

‘The lost treasury of Genghis Khan?’

“No sir, this is not Earthly.”


“Sir the map is showing a certain spot.”


“And it is not on Earth. It’s in Jupiter sir.”

‘No shit! Shit that’s fucking something! Wait… are you guys sure?’

“Positive sir.”

‘We will go there but first we need to convince DC. Once we get a “go” for the project, we will go there. There’s even gonna be movies about this.’

-He says “Make America” and then pauses?! “Make America?!” Then he continuous by saying “Great Again!” That’s just so dirty. That pause was an insult towards the nation. He says the humiliating stuff together with eulogy.

This is caused by lack of goodness within personality.

-Wooden plane.

-“How many times did I tell you to not fart in the space suit?”

-Smart Planet and Dumb Planet. These are obviously planets. When you land on Smart Planet, the conditions of the place causes a change in brain blood pressure and you suddenly become insanely smart. You become a genius. When you land on Dumb Planet , the opposite of this happens. You become mad stupid. You barely talk.

-If there’s an ant on Jupiter, I want to see that ant. That’s what kind of a telescope I need.

-Do you know why we find dinosaurs fossils single by single? I mean we do not find 50 dinosaurs laying next to each other under the ground. We do not find them in mass numbers. That’s because for a half of a second the Earth stopped spinning. And that caused devastating effect on Earth surface. Simply; the Earth got flattened. Everything got destroyed. Even the trees couldn’t hold on to the ground. That’s why dinosaur skeletons are found single by single.


-New way of bargaining in a political way;

‘So, even if we give you the arms you need, how will you pay us back?’

“We don’t have Dollars. Have no American Dollars I mean.”

‘Then you can’t pay. That’s what it means.’

“I give you our national library. You can take all the info of that institute.”

‘Hmm. Tempting. How many books do you have there?’

“Let’s talk about how much armory we need.”


-Still I say F16 could be used as an airtaxi. From DC to New York City you gotta fly. It’s roughly about 45 minutes of flight. But if you take airtaxi (F16 jet) your flying will take about 8 minutes. Some F16 jets have two cockpits. How much time will be saved from New York to Chicago?


-The Northern Mesopotamia, the Southeastern Anatolia; the place of planting the wheat for the first time.

Anatolia provides some of the best of many nutrition.

Hazelnuts, the best on Earth is in Anatolia

Pistachios, best in Anatolia

Olives, best in Anatolia

Apples, best in Anatolia

Apricots, best in Anatolia

Tee, best in Anatolia

Tobacco, best in Anatolia

Honey, best in Anatolia

Banana, best in Anatolia

Lemon, best in Anatolia

Grape, best in Anatolia for sure.

Sugar beet, best in Anatolia

Leek, best in Anatolia

Spinach, best in Anatolia

Beans, best in Anatolia

Chickpeas, best in Anatolia

Sour cherry, best in Anatolia

The list keeps on going. But here we are only trying to call the names of things which stand as the top quality of the Globe. These stuff grow best in Anatolia. Let’s just not forget that Anatolia is 50 times smaller than USA in a broad scale. Anatolia is a compact version of Europe, Asia and Africa… The zip file of the three continents.


-“Dude I’m telling you; this plant is from space man! You know; Neil Armstrong was collecting stones and shit. And this little stone was one of them. But it was actually a seed. No one understood it. It was impossible to brake. And it had no sign of being a seed.

It was given to the King of Bahrain as a good will.

The king looked at it. Found it less of worthiness and threw it to the little river which was flowing by his residence. The seed then found a way to blossom and live!

If we find that tree, or weed or what ever, we can enrich our genetic information so much.

We can make money!”

-Have you ever watch Polar Bears mating?

-Trump’s face is over used. If USA chooses him again, the World will be irritated.

Americans; they make the looser become winning and call this a good story.

-Shizzle his nizzle!

-Cheat issue.

During education at elementary, middle and high levels, during the examinations cheating is a random apply of almost all of the students. It’s so normal to cheat during examination that sometimes you team up. Book pages between 1 and 50 gets to be under responsibility of one guy, pages from 50 to 100 might get taken by another guy.

Smart phones opened up a new page in cheating styles. From now on the student didn’t need to write on a micro paper the possible answers of the possible questions.

But here is the thing: cheating is being taken something seriously bad in America. I mean in USA the students were like “all ethical” and they were not cheating. During the exam when I told one of the girls for her to lift up her paper so that I could see the answers, she gave me this weird look like saying “How dare you!”
Cheating here is common.
Cheating there is like murdering the Earth.

-Underwater life: underwater cigarette, pup up opening tents…

You know there is a device like a cigarette. It gets to be smoked underwater. The difference is; it gives air instead of smoke. It burns the water, separates the hydrogen from oxygen and provides air good to breath. It doesn’t run out. Once it’s lit it doesn’t spend extra energy. It simply is a wonder. And we are planning to make these become purchasable by almost everyone. It will be sold at the beach buffet.

Pup up tent on the other hand is another miraculous thing. It’s as big as a shoe box. You put it somewhere, then you press a button and within a second a 2m² tent opens up. It works underwater too! You place to the bottom of the water and then you press the button and your room is ready. It’s completely  dry inside. It was actually first designed for space missions. The astronauts have set many of these tents into the space and grow vegetables at non-gravity conditions.

-You know, this is about airliners. Did you know this? When the AirFrance flight takes off from Paris to New York at 02:00 AM of New York timing, a plane from Istanbul to the same destinations takes off. The Turkish Airlines plane is 3 hours behind the AirFrance because Paris is closer to New York than from Istanbul. And here is the airlining thing: The Turkish Airlines goes to the front of the AirFrance flight and lands in New York before AirFrance.

Overspeeding? There’s speed limit on roads; is there a speed limit in the sky?

-Some people mention the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger for the presidency of the USA… we do remember that we’ve seen his ass in a movie, right?

-Name me 5 things that you can buy with a Dollar.

I tell you 5 things that I can buy with a Quarter.

-“Go gay her.”

‘I mean he is a solid guy but he gives some weird orders that I have difficulty in understanding.’

-America is suicidal. Americans might elect Trump again. That would divide the country not into two but three.

 -White tattoo. On black skin it can look sweet.

-It’s difficult to be a friend of America.


-Waiting for the video of Osama getting killed. “Only special people can see it.” The Constitution doesn’t talk about any special people you motherfather having person!

-Horror: put a kitty in front of a giant rat… don’t… do not.

-Hollywood Badge Bahadir Gezer

-One of the issues of the language of English is that; when you see someone speaking in English, where is that person actually from? I mean if someone was speaking in Italian, you would know that that person is from Italy. If someone speaks in Japanese, you would assume that that person is from Japan. If you hear someone speaking Turkish you can assume that person to be from Turkey. But with English it’s not like that. Same for Spanish I would say. I mean there are dozens of countries who speak these two languages.

England is forcing her people to have a very heavy British accent so that they can differ themselves from the rest.

-Let’s say you have a Lambo. You drive by the Aegean Coast of the Western Anatolia. Beautiful view, enjoyable road… And suddenly you see a WW Beetle next to the road with two girls signaling for help. You think “This is too good. It must be a trap.” Still you stop to take the chance and because you are horny. In short everybody understand that their WW needs a junction starting. Now… There is this 50 year old junk, and there is your Lamborghini. I mean is it ok to make junction with this piece of art? Difficult situation. Depends on how hot they are.

-Is this a prayer:
Sorry, amen.

-“You gotta be a virgin in order to claim property in Virgin Islands.”
‘How do they detect?’

-Would an automobile firm want to produce fully automatic vehicles? If the vehicle gets into an accident it’s directly gonna be the mistake of the firm. Then the firm is gonna have to pay giant insurance payments. Way more responsibility.


-Superman shooting with rifle!

-Ok this right here is extremely funny. But you gotta picture what you’re told dough. Here it is: Spiderman getting wild with a tarantula. He is in his costume, laying facing up on his bed and his legs a spread and right on his dick there’s a tarantula. As big as a human hand. Tarantula goes up and down and Spidey is high on pleasure and suddenly Marry Jane walks in! Spiderman slaps tha tarantula away! Baby! It’s not how it semt!! It was an experiment! I am working on a new thing… about web and stuff like that.

-How does the snake act in space?

-Foot check… if her feet is ridiculouser than yours… that relationship won’t work.

-Space Car
Space Plane
Space Train
Space Ship
But seriously; where’s the Space Bike?

-Nuclear hunker constructions to start in the USA would make Russia panic.

-Mouse said: “me”
Cat said: “me you”
Dog said: “How?”
Chase started.

 -The reason of the disrespect towards Africans is the performance of the Afrikan states. If we had 2-3 African states as effective as Korea, Germany, Japan, Brazil, then this insanity would be eliminated.

I don’t think it’s an issue within USA or France or England. In the journey of civilization we need better performing African states.

-With all respect for Jules Verne; Solar System in 80 Days!


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