Couple of self pictures;

İtiraf etmek gerekirse anadilimi konuşurken Anadolu’da anaların çekmiş oldukları ve çekmekte oldukları aklıma geliyor. O bakımdan gündelik yaşantının getirdiği işkence-î hissiyattan uzaklaşamıyorum. Yine de denemek zorundayım:


Neyden bahsedeyim? Hah! Teorilerden bahsediyordum en son; Gelelim yerçekimine… İshak Yeniton (Isaac Newton) adlı şahsiyet kafasına elma düşünce “Ahanda!” demiş. “Yerçekimi diye bir şey var!”. Benim söyleyeceğim kısaca şu: Bir maddenin kütle oluşturabilmesi için, hacim kazanabilmesi için merkezinden dışa doğru itim gereklidir. Yani Dünya uzay boşluğunda hacim kaplayabiliyorsa bu Dünya’nın merkezinden dışına doğru bir itim uyguladığı anlamına gelmelidir. Velev ki, bir çekim var ki yürüyoruz bu mucizevi gezegende. Ve fakat bir itim var ki bu gezegenin bir hacmi var. Peki teori nedir? Patron çıldırdı: Dünya canlıdır. Bildiğin bir hücre gibi, bakteri gibi. Nefes alıp veren bir insan evladı gibi: Dünya canlıdır. Ve tercihsel (selektif) itim ve çekim uygulamaktadır. Yani çekimi ve itimi aynı anda uygulamaktadır. Fakat işine geldiğini çekmekte, işine geldiğini itmektedir.

Peki bu olguya bir isim vermek zorunda mıyız? Bilimsel olarak bunu açıklanabilir hale getirmeli miyiz? Bence: hayır. Çünkü Dünya, Evren’in mucizesini barındıran yerdir. İnsan evladı YARADAN’ın mucizesidir. Ve mucize akıl ile, ilim ile izah edilemez. Mucizeyi mucize yapan budur.

Stephen Hawking’in “Uzaylılar ararsa açmayın, çünkü dost canlısı olmayacaklar.” şeklinde ki açıklaması beni korkutmuyor. Çünkü insanın en ilkel hali bile var olabilmeyi başardığımız için Evren’in en mucizevi muammasıdır. İnsan mucizedir. İnsanın insandan başka korkmasını gerektirecek hiçbir şey yoktur.

Eğer Evren’de teknolojik açıdan oldukça ileride medeniyetler var ise, o medeniyetler Dünya ve İnsan’ı çözmek için kılı kırk yarıyorlardır. Ama algılanamaz. İzah edilemez.

Bunları algılamak için kafayı sıyırmak yerine, bunların zevkine varıp, var olmanın, insan olmanın tadını çıkarmak gerekiyor gibi geliyor bana.




Now let me try to translate all this; Talking in the mother language makes me mind the things that the mothers have went through and are going through in Anatolia. That’s why I am having difficulty to get far from the torturing feeling of the daily life here. Still, I’ve got to try;


What should I be talking about? Oh! I was mentioning the theories at latest; Let’s come to the gravity. When an apple fell on his head, the guy named Isaac Newton said “Got it!”, “There is something called gravity!”

What I am gonna say shortly is this: For a material to have mass, for it to gain volume, it needs to be having a force of a pushing from the center towards outside. I mean, if the Earth has a volume in space, that means the World is applying a force of pushing from the center to the outer area. Still, this planet is pulling to her center, obviously we are able to walk on here. So what’s the theory? The boss went crazy: The Earth is alive. And she applies a selective pushing and pulling force. I mean, she applies a power of pushing and pulling at the same time. But she pulls what she needs, and pushes what needs to be pushed.

Do we need to name this concept? Should we make this scientifically explained? I say: no. Becaue the Earth is the place which holds the miracle of the Universe. Human being is the miracle of CREATOR. And miracle can’t be explained with mind nor science. That’s what makes a miracle miraculous.

The statement of Stephen Hawking; “Don’t answer the phone if the aliens will call. Because they might not be friendly.” does not scare me. Because even the most primitive version of humanity is what holds the secret of existence within. Human is miracle. There’s nothing that human should be afraid of other than human.

İf there are technologically very developed civilizations around the Universe, I’m sure thos civilizations are busting their asses (if they got some) off to give a meaning and understand the Earth and the Humanity. But can’t be done. Can’t be explained.


Instead of loosing the minds for trying to give meaning to our existence and to all of this, we should just enjoy being here. We should just enjoy being human and we should just enjoy this dear Mother Earth.


Thanks GOD



Bahadır Gezer                         ıt’s 20:36 PM   3th of January 2017                İstanbul

I broadcasted a work called 'Only a Notebook' on this site for about 23 minutes today... I then erased it. Why? I guess i was just what's the word; concerned for my relatives of getting to face people saying "Hey! Aren't you a relative of that guy named Bahadır? I told my children to not read that thing he recently has broadcasted. Aren't you ashamed of the things he said? I mean 10 out of 100 words of him were made of curses!"... I don't know, but back when i wrote that work that i just erased, those things didn't feel like curses... Still they don't feel like bad or dirty words. Still i just couldn't broadcast it.

What i can say about that work is, if you are interested, you can find it at the Library of Congress archives. It's titled as "Sadece Bir Defter". It's registration number at the Copyright Office is TXu 1-921-892

You know what? If someone is cencoring his own self, will that mean that he maybe will desire to cencor the things he maybe might not like in the future? Not just his own work, but will he be desiring to cencor the things that the people around are going to be producing?

The answer of that question will change from a person to another person i believe. But personally, i would answer that question with a giant 'no!', because it just feels so messed up to be cencored. I'm sure that it's messed to be cencored by the authority directly, but it's even worse to cencor your own self because of knowing that the authority will punish you because of what you say.

It's raining. Should be snowing, but raining instead. It's 04:56 AM, and i just feel that i wanna get a sense of what you feel. You...

I think of Maureen... Maureen David, may she rest in peace. I wanted to bring some soil of Istanbul to her grave... But i didn't get the chance to go to the USA... The thing is that i've lost my social security paper/card (that blue piece of paper which has a number on, which is so hard to memorize), and i couldn't even come to the States for a renewal.

I sometimes imagine a park in Istanbul, which would be named as 'The park of Jerusalem', or a park which would be named 'The park of Mecca'... Those parks would be made of the land which was brought from those places. I mean wouldn't it be cool to have a park in Smithsonian at which you/me/we could be walking on the land of Jerusalem? Surely it won't be near the experince of actually being at those places, but still it could be nice.

It's 05:06 AM... I'm gonna go get some coffee...


05:09 and i'm back... It stopped raining.

Here is what i've observed about human anatomy in Anatolia... If a person has a non-fatal wound on his body for the most of the year, this makes the body become stronger. No no i am not joking; let's take a guy who bites the skin around his fingernails... Sometimes they bleed a little. But he just does this everyday... And the body is constantly recovering... The body heals herself (itself? wait... now i am confused... body is so precious, so should be called a "she", but my body cannot be... wait... this leads to a nasty spot... So let's just say;) i mean the body heals itself constantly... And that keeps the body stronger and healthier... Especially a person who carries little wounds for let's say 300 days of the year, and 60 days that person has no wounds; this person will have such strong resistance against the illnesses and stuff.

But please don't take this as a reason to go out and wound yourself... It's best if these wounds are made by doctors...

I got to be starting to prepare the breakfast in about 10 minutes... It's 05:21 AM...

Here is a memory from this last summer;

I was walking on streets of Chalcedon in İstanbul, it was a narrow street. I saw 5 girls on the other end of the street. I only saw them, didn't hear them. They were walking towards my direction, and i was walking to where they were coming from... We were getting closer... Just from the way they walked i thought "They are Americans"... I put my head down and kept walking... As they got close, i heard one of them saying "Uuuuhhh handsomeee", ok, i was shocked but i kept on walking like a cool man without being effected like i always hear stuff like that. Another one of them answered that call "Seriously... he is hot, period." Ok... I was at the edge of screaming "Take me! I'm all yours! I wash your feets and drink the water that i washed your feets with!", but the third one said this; "C'mon, he is just an American." ?!! I'm still producing theories and thoughts about this incident.

I was handsome up until i was an American? What does this mean? Is it like; if a guy is handsome and not American, then that's atractive for chicks. But if a guy is handsome and also an American, then that's unatractive?

So is it like being handsome is a such characteristic of an American guy? Handsomeness is a random thing if i am an American?

I still don't get it... The first two girls shocked me, alright... But what the third girl said stupidized me. I'm still trying to survive.

Please that third girl, if you are reading this, please tell me the logic of what you said.

Ok she'll probably say; "I don't know... Shit... I was just drunk... You look ugly as skunk's ass by the way."

What's the logic behin that; "C'mon he is just an American..." She said that sentence with tone of voice like "He ain't handsome or nothing, he is just a random American guy, that's all..."

I would like to just keep on going... But i got to be, breakfast and uploading this to the site and stuff...

It's 05:37 AM       5 January 2017                      İstanbul                         Bahadır Gezer

Sosyal sorumluluk demişken: Herşeyin aşırısı zararlıdır.

Too much of anything is harmful.

Tabii uykusuzluk da buna dahil. Herşeyin...

Saat 05:35   4 Ocak 2017    İstanbul  

Uyanma saati gelenlere ALLAH kolaylık versin. Herkese iyi günler.

Güne iyi bir haberle başlamak isterseniz; NASA açıklamış; uzayda astronotların gaita üretmelerini engelleyici bir hap kullanılıyormuş. Ama bu hap kaplan köpekbalığı (kaplan köpek balığı ne lan?! Kaplan mı köpek mi balık mı? Bi karar verin yahu. Neyse... Haber ciddi) nın 8 senede biriken diş tartarlarından üretiliyormuş. Hani köpek balıklarının etrafında yüzen minik balıklar var ya? Onlar misali adamlar köpekbalıklarının diş tartarlarını toplayarak bu ilacı geliştirmişler. "E ne si iyi bunun? Öküz gibi pahalıdır!" diyecekseniz, öyle olsaydı NASA bunu açıklamazdı zaten. İyi haber 27 Ocak'ta bu ilaç oldukça makul bir fiyattan piyasaya sürülecekmiş... Yani artık iş yerinde sıçmak zorunda kalmaya, boklu bezleri açıp totoş silmelere paydos! Ama osuruğu defektize ediyor mu onu açıklamamışlar. Açıklamadıklarına göre osurmaya devam derim ben...

Hadi hayırlı sabahlar...

Saat oldu 05:43   4 Ocak 2017   İstanbul   Bahadır Gezer

Confession: I’ve been a shepherd. It ain’t nothing cool. It’s like working as plumber in a gas station in Brooklyn. Yeah, I’ve done that too. Shit.

Here is a tip about being a shepherd: Always know that the slowest cow is the leader of the crew. That is the cow which would be walking right at front of you. If you hit that cow from right, the herd will go to left. If you hit the last cow from left, guess what? The herd will again go to left. Syc! The herd will go to right if you hit the last cow from left.

If you try to talk and convince the herd to a certain direction. You guessed it; won’t work.

While you shepherd, the thing you will be seeing is a lot of cow butts.

And here is the critical thing; After shepherding for a while, you might get amazed from the talent of the cows, shitting while walking. Yeah, they don’t stop while shitting. The critical thing is; when you try to walk and shit at the same time yourself, it’s time to quit working as a shepherd. I’m not joking. If you try to act as one of the herd, you just cannot shepherd anymore.


It’s 04:44 AM and 4th of January 2017     İstanbul                         Bahadır Gezer

I just feel that my grandma maybe might get upset because of me sharing secret info about shepherding with those who didn’t. And that might get my dad upset obviously. So… So I’m going to share a picture of myself that my dad does not approve. Why?..

GOD I don’t know why… Well, maybe because the girls might like it… But the girls who would like that picture would be the girls that I wouldn’t like.

Mathematically this just doesn’t make sense for me.


It’s 04:53 4th of January 2017    İstanbul     Bahadır Gezer



This site is SSL certified.                Bu site SSL sertifikalıdır.

It was 23:04 when i got up from sleep. Now 23:05… My hours are messed up? I agree. I should be sleeping during night and be awake during the day. Because my eyes are in need of meeting with the Sun light like any other human eye. But it’s just so depressing to wake up in to a dark morning. And in Asia Minor, in İstanbul the day doesn’t get the Sun until 08:15 in the morning. And it’s just a disaster for a 6 AM waking upper. Going to bed at dark, and waking up in the dark, and waiting for 2 hours for the Sun to rise… I ain’t used to that. Instead of that, I stay awake until the Sun rises. I look at her… I read the newspapers and books a little. I do not travel in these days anymore even though my last name mean “traveler”. Why?.. Pffff the answer is terrorism. Almost every single day a blast is taking place in İstanbul. I’m afraid of upsetting my mom by loosing my life. I’m freaked out in the metro, in the public busses, in the ferries, in the downtowns like Chalcedon, Üsküdar and Old Hippodrome… Let’s try to skip this issue, because it drives one mad.



Ok… Have you heard about the theory of Darwin? This dude simply said that; “Human looked different at the beginning… From bacteria to the fish, from fish to the mammals, from monkey to the human… We are changing…” he said. For many people this was clashing with the truth of Creation. It doesn’t;

Adam was able to have any body of the creatures in Heaven. When He desired to be a fish, it was enough for Him to just desire. He was a fish when He wanted, He was a lion when He wanted. Heaven. Everything was possible.  Still He had a favourite body shape, which is the way He was created as. That’s the human body. The European Renaissance claimed that the human was first created in the shape of the statue of David. Could be…

The thing is that, on the Earth the humanity is experiencing every single body shape that Adam up in Heaven had been experienced. Yeah, we are traveling through the shape of a bacteria to how we look today, and many of our future generations might look different than how we are today. But this does not clash with Creation. What Adam was capable of doing within seconds in Heaven, we are doing in that hundreds of thousands of years.

Adam was moving from a body shape to another as He desired. And there was no logical order in the way He done that. But Creation is just such miracle that during our experience on life, this moving through different bodies has been ordered. Logically we are moving from past to here and from here we are moving to future. We are able to explain how logical this is, so that we don’t get insane.

Let’s just not forget, when the human were in the shape of bacteria, that was the human. When human was in the shape of fish, that was human. And in the shape we are today, we are the human.


Let’s go a little crazy with this now;

In the future people are going to be able to find out, genetically where they come from as far as they can. So, the life will experience people saying not just “my ancestors are the sultans of Ottoman dynasty” but they will be  able to say “my genes are going back until to the Bengal tigers. So my grand grand mothers were actually Bengal tigers.”

“Oh yeah? What about your father side?”

“As far as the geneotologists could find out, my fathers side was the koalas.”

“Are you saying that tigers had children from koalas?”

“Dude, those are the miracles of Creation. We of course don’t know how tigers and koalas managed to produce a common family line. But it’s certain that my DNA is very close to the DNA of a combination of tigers and koalas.”

“I see.”

“What about you? Did you get an ancestral map?”



“Ants and tapirs.”


“Yeah… The geneotologist who found out about this is getting help in a mental institution right now. She just couldn’t understand how this happened.”

“I see…”

“Would you want some kebab?”

“I think pizza would be better now.”


“Or would you like some fried ants?”

“Hey! Isn’t funny. I wouldn’t eat my ancestors.”

“But you also come from tapirs.”

“Just don’t get me loose my mind about this.”

“We stick with pizza then…”



Trying to get logical. Normal; There’s a fossil of the a cave man in the arctics. In the ice. He was frozen… And since he is hidden within the ice, his body is undamaged. Even his blood is there. Maybe we should find it and use it for the sake of science.


I’m gonna go Turkish a little;


Değerli ve kıymetli ve saygıdeğer şahsiyetler… Yeni yapılan bir araştırmaya göre ninni dinleyen çocukların gelişimi diğerlerine göre daha sağlam oluyormuş. Bununla beraber internetten ninnilere bakıp çocuğuna bu doğrultuda ninni okuyan ebeveynlerin çocuklarının eblekleştiği gözlemlenmiş. Meğer bir anne kendi annesinin okuyuş biçimine mümkün olan en yakın şekilde çocuğuna ninni okursa, o çocuğun gelişimi daha kaliteli oluyormuş. Yani genetik olarak bu böyleymiş… İlginç yav. Türk ninnileri genellikle Hicaz makamında mıydı? Öğrenmek lazım. Hicaz, Mekke ve Medine bölgesi demek, bunu biliyorum. Demek ki Hicaz makamı cidden sağlam olur. Bunun yanında Orta Asya’da nasıl ninni okunuyordu öğrenmek istemiyor da değilim.

Annemle babamın ninni okuyuşlarını bi kayıt edeyim… Hangi ninnileri okuduklarını bi ezberliyim… Gerçi biliyorum ama yinede yaş tahtaya basmamak gerek.


23:53        4 Ocak 2017              İstanbul                                Bahadır Gezer  

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Sosyal sorumluluk: Şu çobanlıkla ilgili yazmış olduğumu tercüme edeyim… Zaten yazılış saatinin 04:44 olması ve 4 Ocak oluşu beni bi değişik yaptı. Yani… Bişey diyemiyorum o konuda… Tercümeye geleyim;


İtiraf: Ben çobanlık yaptım. Şekil bi olay değil. Brooklyn’de benzin istasyonunda pompacılık yapmak gibi bişey. Evet, onu da yaptım. Sıçiim.

Çobanlıkla ilgili önemli husus şudur: En yavaş inek sürünün lideridir. Bu hemen sizin önünüzde yüremekte olan inek olacaktır. Eğer son ineğin sağına vurursanız sürü sola gider. Eğer son ineğin soluna vurursanız sürü yine sola gider. Höt! Şaka lan, son ineğin soluna vurursanız sürü sağa gider.

Eğer ineklerle oturup konuşarak hangi yöne gitmeleri konusunda onları iknaya çalışırsanız, tahmin edin; bi işe yaramaz.,

Çobanlık yaparsanız en çok gördüğünüz şey ineklerin götü olacaktır.

Ve işte kritik nokta: Bir müddet çobanlık yaptıktan sonra ineklerin yürüyerek sıçmalarından etkilenebilirsiniz. Evet, yürürken sıçarlar. Kritik nokta şu; kendiniz yürüyerek sıçmayı denediğiniz zaman çobanlığı bırakış vaktiniz gelmiştir. Şaka yapmıyorum. Eğer sürüden biri gibi davranırsanız çoban olmazsınız.



Tercüme buydu.


Saat şu an 05:28   4 Ocak 2017              İstanbul                          Bahadır Gezer

This is gonna be the first day of me writing a blog. Am I going to try to write things that are interesting, I don’t know. Before I started to do this, I asked my father if I should write a blog on internet and actually share the stuff that I tell my parents in a random family chat. I couldn’t ask my mother, because she is sleeping at the moment. We, as family, will get to wake up within 4 hours and 20 minutes. I will be preparing the breakfast. At least today I will do so. Of course, the breakfast that I prepare and the breakfast that my mother or father prepares differs a lot. My father always does sausages because he just likes meat, he also cooks eggs because my mother likes ‘em. My mother prepares melted cheese with butter usually because I like that. What I do is simple; I make toasts and also make the tea. Today, I am planning to do the same. I make toasts because sometimes my parents are in such a rush, that they must be eating in the car.

Well, there have been times that we’ve left home without breakfast and it wasn’t a big problem. But now that all 3 of us are carrying the illness called diabetes we just try to not leave home without eating.

Nothing interesting huh? I even got bored of sharing my daily routine. Well, maybe instead of what I do, I maybe should be sharing what I think. Because what we think and what we do does not collide all the time.

We just watched a documentary about dinosaurs with my father. What encouraged us to watch it was the movie called Ice Age3. The documentary was made by Discovery Channel and it included 4 DVDies. We only watched the first one for this time. I mean it is 01:53 AM at the moment in İstanbul. At some point one of the scientists (the one who was a little fat and with glasses) said; “These biggest dinosaurs were herbivorous. But when they were little, we know that they were eating meat. These gigantic creatures ate a ton of plants a day. They were like a plant consuming factory.” At that moment I thought (what a surprise) ‘If they are like factories, they must be producing something.’ And short after I found what they were producing; large amounts of manure. I told my father; “Hey dad, if we the humans are going to go to other planets some day, we are going to need large amounts of manure to fertilize those places.” I asked my father; “Dad, if you were the authority to decide over this, and some scientists came up to you and said ‘Sir, would you allow us to clone the dinosaurs?’ like in the movie Jurassic Park, what would you say?” He said “I would say yes.” And I said “But dad, those creatures are made to rule over the world. What if they find a way to wipe out humanity?”, he said “The precautions should be taken by those scientists if they feel they are ready for it. You know, in science it isn’t only about counting the positive effects of the action that’s gonna be taken. Scientists usually do consider the possible side effects too.” So I was like; awesome! Then maybe we can just clone mass amounts of manure producing dinosaurs in other planets to fertilize those places.


I am going to move on to a different subject now I guess. And please forgive me because I’m not making slide connections between the things that I talk about;


Human. The iris of GOD. The reflection of CREATOR in this Universe. Yeah, you, me… Here is a theory;

I believe that human is not meant to kill another human being. I believe murdering of a human by human is against the basic survival instinct of us. But we’ve done it and we do do it.

I believe that we, human, are genetically carrying a virus. And that virus has been either sent from a different species from outer World, or a meteor or something has brought it. We are damaged. If we weren’t we wouldn’t be killing our own species. This is just a theory.

I agree that we are programmed to kill when necessary, we can kill every single living creature on the surface of the World and all around the Universe. But our original DNA has a code that instinctly prevents us from killing our own kind.  

When I told these to my father, he was like “Search what the genetic scientists are saying about this. Find out what the people are saying about this. And if you are gonna say something like that, do prepare for being attacked by all sorts of reflections.”

Well enough… I told my father;

“I do not forget dad. Cain has killed his brother. And they were both sons of our first Prophets Adam and Eve. I am not trying to say anything like a son of Adam was born ill. I just am saying that this virus maybe came from some other place. Or even maybe has been sent.”

“Be careful, that’s all I say.” said dad, and he went back to sleep.


You know what? Talking about theories;

Here is another one;

The space we are in is filled with light. It’s light that makes us see. And if we see in an environment, it proves that that environment is filled with light.

We are dreaming about reaching the light speed. But we do move within light! If we are able to see our constant movements in a place which is filled with light, then we must be moving faster than light. But we do know that we are slower than light speed, because it’s just so obvious. If we were moving faster than light, then we could just be traveling through the Universe like we take a walk to the park or to the nearest McDonald’s. If we are slower than light, then we would not be able to see our movements in a place which is filled with light.

Do we have to solve this dilemna? I think; no. Because everything in the creation are not in our capability to understand. I do like the guy Confucius, because he actually does give sense that confusion is part of our lives. And confusion is good. Being certain about everything wouldn’t be fun at all. Balance.

If I get back to the issue of light. I would say light is like a wild mustang. The light speed is like the running of a wild mustang… Instead of trying to invent it, we should find a way to tame it.

We should maybe built space sails that can actually make it possible for us to mount on the light. We can maybe combine lazer and electric and build lazerelectro lighthouses among the space.., and these lighthouses can sent that special light to our space sail ships, and the sails of those ships can be full with light like those which used to be full with wind. And then, we can just go.


You see? This is what happens when I am compeletly sober. (By the way it is 02:33 AM already.) I am talking about these and I actually should be working on a project that I am planning to be getting published by April. I promised to the publishing house that I would be sending the manuscript latest by 27th of this month. Will I be doing that? I don’t know. What do I know? I must fulfill my promise. My father always says “A man should be a private of his word.” This sentence is very easily understandable for those who have militaristic experience.

Anyways… I did mention McDonald’s at some point right? Let me tell something to all of the World; in Turkey McDonald’s has home delivery. Yeah, you read it right! You call the number by phone and within 20 minutes your Big Mac Meal is at your door. Sad part of it; that service is on until 02:00 AM. I mean, yes, McDonald’s is American kitchen… But I do not remember home delivering McDonald’s in the USA.


USA… I missed her so much. I’m missing. No, serious… I miss taking showers with the water of America. I miss Chipotle. I miss pretzels. I miss David Family. I just am missing. I understood this; when one sees everywhere as his home, then he can’t get rid of the feeling of being homesick.

I miss Duke Ellington. My school. I miss DC. Democracy City. The city of DiCipline. I miss saseme chicken (with butterless rice even). I even miss being have to lift my head up 90 degrees in Manhattan just to see the bue sky.

I need to change the subject. Hurts…



You know what… Since I was talking about publication and stuff… A book called “Notes about the Constitution” is out, kindly, written by me.


It’s 02:48 AM… I want to talk more and there are bunch things to tell. But I’ll just leave them to another time.


By the way; happy new year (a little late) to everyone.



GOD bless you




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I could add more photos but it's just boring...

Önce şey inşa edelim.. Şey; jetlerimizde kanattan geriye misil fırlatabilme yetisine erişelim. Ardından hareket halinde iken fırlatma yapabilen roket rampası yapalım. Ciddi diyorum. Yapalım bunları. Ardından adı olan bir “ruh doktorunun” bana bunu söylediğim için türlü türlü işkence yapmasına sebep olan uzay asansörünü yapalım. “Bahadır, uzaya asansör edilebileceğini iddia ediyordun. Lütfen.”, “Haklısınız, gerçekten delice…”

Nasıl yapılır orasını tabii ki mühendislerimiz ve hayâl  kapasitesi yüksek sanatçılarımız bulacak. Nasıl olabilir ki uzaya bi asansör?

Önce 15 km yüksekliğe çıktığında ani fırlatma yapabilen katapult (mancınık) teknolojisini geliitrelim ki uzaya ayağımız alışsın. Zırt pırt gider gelir olalım.

Ama bu uzay asansörü hakikaten zor iş. Bir tür mıknatıssal teknoloji gerekiyor gibi geliyor bana. Ya da biri alçaldıkça diğeri yükselen balon teknolojisi. Basit mantık ile düşünmek lazım. Kalkıp şu an ki apartmanlarda yer alan asansörlerin 30 km uzunluğunda olanını yapalım demiyorum. Ama yapalım bunu. Uzaya asansör yapalım.

Para iş getirmez, iş para getirir.

Para iyidir ama tembellik getirir. O yüzden işin parayı getirdiğini unutmamak gerekir. İşi ise hayâl, proje ve ilim doğrurur. İş ise karın doyurur.

İş için hedef gerekir.

Kendimize hedef koyduğumuzda iş sahalarının açıldığına ve zenginleştiğimize tanık olacağız.

Yahu 1400’lü yıllarda insan büyüklüğünde gülleleri 3 km uzağa atmak bugünün teknolojisi ile nasıl ifade edilebilir?.. Mars’a Ay kapsülü büyüklüğünde, içinde insan olan bir mermiyi yollamak ve bu yolculuğun 2,5 saat sürmesi gibi bir şey.

Mancınık gerçekten bu topraklarda yaşama şansına kavuşmuş kültürlere ait topluluklarca icat edilmiş, müthiş bir araçtır. Uçak gemilerinde ki uçaklar mancınık ile atılır. Süper basit bir mantık ve bir o kadar zor bir teknoloji. Uzaya çıkışlarımızda da ana fırlatımın mancınık teknolojisi kullanılarak yapılması lazım gibi geliyor bana.

“Sen nerden bilicen lan?”

“9,74856 ışık yılı uzaktaki akrabalarım düşünce yolu ile ulaştırıyor bunları.”

“Heeeğ tamam o zaman.”

Hafiften, ama çok hafiften meyhoşum.

Aaa? Bardak boş? Bi dakka…

Doluymuş lan!.. ama şimdi boş… Boş mu bıraksam lan acaba? Evet öyle yapayım.

Neydi? Ne diyoduk? Heh! Biz milli uçak yapacağız ya. Önce bi pist mesafesini 100 metreye indirelim bence. Yani uçak gemilerinde mevcut olan katapult teknolojisini kullanmak için illa gemi yapmamıza gerek yok. Aynı uçak fırlatım teknolojisini karada ki pistlerde bi uygulayalım önce.

Olmadı şöyle de yapabiliriz, “Yo, buddy, why don’t you sell us an used carrier which is still effective?” de diyebiliriz. “Ne?”, “Nasıl?” deme be kardeşim, yıl 2017 yahu… Yani “Dostum bize halâ efektif bi kullanılmış uçak gemisi niye satmıyosun?” diyelim.

Aren’t you ashemed of being one of the 4 NATO countries who has carriers?” diyelim. Evet garip mantık biraz ama diyelim bunu; “Yahu NATO’nun sadece uçak gemisine sahip sadece 4 ülkesinden biri olmaktan utanmıyor musun? Silah arkadaşım diyosun ama senin silahın senin silah arkadaşının 5 misli üzerinde! Bunu nasıl silah arkadaşlığı buddy?”


İlla arakadaş mı olalım?


Yahu uzaya bir roket fırlatış içim milletin/vatandaşın 3 aylık petrolü kadar petrol kullanıyoruz neredeyse! Acaba şey mi yapsak yaa, hani Çin lâmbaları var ya… Küçükken annem bana uçan balon aldığında o balonu bırakmama kızardı. Ama ne yapaydım? Uzaya gitçek mi diye merak ediyodum. Heeğ gitsede göremiycektim ama olsun. Hakikaten bu işin en mantıklı yolu roket mi? Yoksa roket ile uzaya çıkış Soğuk Savaş döneminde “Ben senden önce yapçam!” paniksel telaşı içerisinde üretilmiş bi yol mu?

Ne bileyim, bi vantilatör koysak yere, üstüne de bi yelkenli koysak, yükselip gitmez mi uzaya kadar? Oha! Ben uçtum şu anda galiba. Galiba da fazla.

Havaya yükselme eğilimi olan şeylere binip gidelim diyorum basit mantıkla. Ama asansör fikri bile daha mantıklı. Yap iki tane noktasal odaklı magnet, koy birini uzaya, bir çeksin biri itsin… araya da ganete duyarlı bi zabazingo koyalım… içine binelim ve gidip gelelip ama lütfen bi zahmet içinde osurmayalım.

“Aaa öyle demeyin. Astronotların osuruğu enerji üretimi için kullanılmaktadır.”

Oldu o zaman. Uzayda da kuru yiycez yani.



“Houston, Jack just shitted for 2,14 ounces.”

“Shh… Copy that… Apollo, put that shit into the dryoustar before it gets cold.”

“Roger that Houston…”

20 minutes later…

“Houston… The shit in the thing got cold.”

“Shh..Copy that…Just dump it Apollo.”

“Houston… Jack really wants to take his first shit in the space as a memory.”

“Shh.. Copy that… Apollo, we cannot afford of carrying extra weight. So dump it…”

“Roger that Houston… You are the boss.”


“Hey Mark… Don’t dump it man… Just tell them you did.”

Off the record…

“Shit man… Okay…”


Days later

“Shh… Apollo! You are going down to the surface of the Moon too fast!”

“Copy that!.. We know Houston! Shit! Shit!”


Minutes later

“Shh… Good job Apollo. Welcome to the Moon.”

“Thanks GOD, copy that Houston… Had a little problem but it’s nice to be here all in one piece.”


Şaka maka astronotların işi de zor be arkadaş… Biz yol yorgunluğu, jet lag falan derken adamlar ta Ay’a gidiyo be…

Alın size 2500 yıllardan bi söz; “Ulan Dünya’da yolun virajsızı, Uzay’da virajlısı be arkadaş.”

“Harbi yaa. Dümdüz böyle çok sıkıcı be.”

“Zaten kapsül alıcaksan direksiyonlu alıcaksın abi. Direksiyonu yoksa sıçtın.”

“Ulan bi Ferrari üretiyor direksiyonlusunu! Ver parayı alalım. Hayret bişey ya.”


“Ay cam mam yok mu bunda! Öff afakanlar bastı beni… Ne kadar var daha?”

“Yahu ne camı be? Olsa dışardan hava mı alıcan? No atmosfer kızım!”  


“Abi adamlar bi kapsül treni yapmış… Lokomotif Alpha Centuri’ye girerken son vagon halâ Solar’daymış.”

“Hadi lan! Tren gara nasıl sığıyomuş o zaman?”

Bak bu soruya halâ yanıt bulamıyorum. Gaziantep’li bi arkadaşla Washigton DC-Maryland, College Park metro istasyonundayız. Bi transit tren geçmeye başladı. Biz başladık saymaya… Vagonları… Ulan 70 oldu, 100 oldu! 122 oldu lan! İkimizde saydık. Ve bu esnada “Kodumun metrosu halâ gelmedi!” diye saydırıyoduk. Sonra arkadaş fen liseli olduğu için direkt bi hesap yaptı: “Bi vagon 20 metre olsa, Hadi vagonlar biraz daha kısa olmuş olsun, trene 100 vagon çarpı 20 metre diyelim… 2 kilometre!”

“Oha! Gara nasıl sığıcak lan bu tren?” dedim…

“Bulmuşlardır bi yolunu.” dedi arkadaş, metro geldi… kapılar açıldı, konu kapandı.

E tabi başka konu açıldı;

“Abi adamlar metronun yerini halı, koltuklarını da deri kaplama yapmışlar. Çüş diyorum ya!”

“Ya öyle de, millet kustumu tam rezalet oluyo. Halıdan koku sittin sene çıkmıyor.”

“Harbiden lan.”

“Salak bunlar ya.”

“Cidden lan. Salaklar.”


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Ohhkay… Let’s go politecal, i mean political a little; here is a friendly warning; burning the money of a nation is not very different than burning the flag of that nation. So, those who are burning the bills of a nation on tv screens to show their “patriotism” towards their own nation. I recommend you to show empathy, and calculate what will happened to you.


Yukarıda ki paragrafta anlatmaya çalıştığım mevzuyu Türkçe dile getirmeye çalışayım; Bundan 17 sene evvel Leeds United takımını destekleyen holiganlar İstanbul’da Türk Lirası’na hakaret ettiklerinde ne oldu biliyor musunuz? 17 yaşında ki kardeşime söyleyeyim; öldürüldüler.

Heeeğ, dost canlısı bir uyarı: bugünlerde televizyon ekranlarında kendi devletlerine karşı duydukları “bağlılığı” diğer milletlerin parasını yakarak “gösterenler” var. Bir milletin parasını yakmak o milletin bayrağını yakmaktan fazla farklı değildir. Bu yakış işleminin sonucunda ne olacağıydığını hesaplarsınız artık.

Saygısızlık yaparak saygı gösterilmez.


Disrespecting cannot be a way to show respect.

There are almost like 3 A4 pages long stuff that i can say about the current political status here in Little Asia and also in more places but, i am currently living in İstanbul. Honesty is a huge risk for one who has integrity, in here. And not only for himself or herself… For all those that he/she loves. And i am sorry but i cannot risk those who i love.


Ekonomi… 3 sene işletme okudum… Az çok birşeyler biliyorum bu konuda. Bir ülkenin iç borçlanması genellikle o ülkenin kendi para biriminden yapılır. Eğer söz konusu ülke döviz rezervine sahipse iç borçlanma çoğaldığında bu borcu kapatmak için dövizin fiyatını artırır ki kendi para biriminden daha çoğa sahip olsun ve iç borcu kapasın. Bu genellikle iç borçlanılan ve çoğunlukla sanayici olanların devlet borcunu ödemediği için üretimde sekteye uğramasında yapılır. Yani basit ifade ile;

Dolar’ın değerinin Lira ile kıyaslandığında artması iç borcun kapatılmasında oldukça faydalıdır.


Borcun muhatabı olan sanayici Dolar üzerinden dışa borçlandığı için bir nevi dolandırılmış olur.

“E zenginden almayacaz da kimden alacaz? Keh keh keh…” di mi?


ALLAH, tutamıyorum kendimi; Bundan 15 sene evvel 2 Milyon Lira’dan Dolar alıp 3 Milyon Lira’dan Dolar bozduranlara “hain” denirdi. Şimdi ise Dolar 3,5 Lira’yı bulunca ellerinde ki Dolar’ı bozduranlara “Helal be! İşte gerçek vatan evladı!” deniyor!

Artık imam osurmuyor, sıçıyor… Cemaatin ne yaptığını varalım biz düşünelim artık.


I shouldn’t make any comments about the status quo… Because it might put me in a situation that I might not be able to write anymore. Please don’t get angry but the phrase “freedom is not free” does not help me at all. Because I ain’t got no money to buy it. I just feel like I’ve an obligation as a human being to declare all my honesty about what I witness around here. But as I said, I cannot risk those that I love. But this is a dilemma; I love my nation, I love human… so I got to be honest… but I cannot risk my family, so I got to be silent.


For the days of us being able to be honest… Cheers!

It’s 23:55 PM in Istanbul


I’m gonna do my best to not get into politics as much as I can. For the sake of my family. GOD! But my nation, human beings are my broad family! GOD!


Calm…Calm… Drop the issue…

Talk about sports or something… Yeah… As Beşiktaş, we again did what’s hard to do; We’ve remained unbeatable until the last match at the Champions League and we got beaten at the last match 6 to nothing to the latest team of the group. I’ll recommend something; if you are gonna place a bet on Beşiktaş, just get stoned before you do. Get completely illogical and then place your bet. Then you might a high chance to win. We’ve got beaten by Dynamo Kyiv! 6 to nothing! They haven’t win a match until that match! And we were unbeatable!

This pretty much like Lakers and Wizards match… It’s the end of the 3th period and the score is Laker:79, Wizards:68 and at the end of the match it’s Lakers: 91 and Wizards: 123! Impossible? Non sense? Crazy? Well it did happen at the Champions League!

What I can’t stop myself thinking about is that if the 10 players of Beşiktaş, at that match tried to score to our own goal with the Dynamo Kyiv team, there wouldn’t be 6 goals at our net! That’s what actually is shocking me!

Urgently cheers!

You know, we, Beşiktaş have built a new stadium the recent year. Our stadium is (objectively) the best placed stadium on the Earth. It’s right by the Bosporus. So, I imagined a channel to be built from the Bosporus to the stadium while the construction was going on. I imagined our players to enter the stadium on a boat and stuff. This was so possible! All we had to do was to spend 4 million more Liras. But hasn’t been done. Just get a picture of the stadium of Beşiktaş from air on the web… You’ll see how possible that was.

Well, maybe we need a chairman who would start a fight in the protocol section of the stadium because of not being able to wear the jersey of the team. Yeah I did have a chance to enjoy a match at the protocol section once. And yes, I did fight with the security when I learned that wearing the jersey of the team at the protocol was not allowed. I guess it was the match with Porto. We’ve lost 3 to 1. But, Nihat has scored such a goal that even the referee has understood that it was a goal after the stadium got so loud, screaming and yelling: “Gooooooool!”… It was an awesome goal by Nihat. Nihat later became the 2nd top goal scorer of La Liga. Wait, did he become 2nd best goal scorer of La Liga before or later then this match between Beşiktaş and Porto? I don’t remember exactly.


Okay… Solidly I avoided the risk of making honest comments about the political mess in where I live at the moment. At least I avoided most of the things that could be said. Or the things that have been said by politicians. Just imagine a place where repeating what the statemen have said can get you into prison. This is where I live.



Here is a story about a 4 year old boy; the boy gets asked by his uncle “So, what are gonna be when you’ll grow up?”. The boy says; “I’m gonna be me.” The uncle looses his mental health after that.

C’moon, that was funny! Cheer up a little, will you?


Okay, here is a proverb; If you don’t want something to drop on to the floor, then place it on to the floor.


That wasn’t funny either?! Well maybe I ain’t good with jokes.


I seriously must be working on the manuscript that I am gonna be sending to the publishing house. But I just don’ want to! Why? Because there is this literal discipline when you work on a project that’s going to become a book and get published by a company. It makes you feel responsible towards the company… It makes you wanna do something nice and the concern of that is just limiting.

But after all, I am even limited here, so shouldn’t be that hard…


By the way, if you would like to have a word with me please just reach to me on my personal e-mail address called


Until later,


GOD bless you



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It's 01:07 and  4th of January 2017  in İstanbul now

Bişey diicem; sonunda soru işareti olacak ama soru diil: Yahu bir ülkede toplam futbol taraftarının %1'ine (ki fazla söylüyorum, binde 5 bile değildir) sahip bir takım nasıl olur da en üst ligi sezonun ilk yarısında 1. sırada bitirir?

Bu demektir ki futbolun taraftar desteği ile ilgisi yok!

Futbolun taraftar ile ilgisi yoksa ortada futbol diye bişey de yok demektir.

"Hey sen! Bahadır! Bu takımların performansını özellikle yükselttiğimizi, ve bu takımları ileride tıpkı İngiliz Premier Ligi'ndeki takımlar gibi yurtdışı sermayeye satıp ülkeye getiri elde etme planımız olduğunu biliyosun da ne diye konuşuyosun! Edepsiz! Terbiyesiz! Haddini bil! Akıllı ol!"

Bu eklentiyi yazdıktan sonra kırptım. Sildim yazdıklarımı. Yayınlamaya korktum. Sevdiklerime zarar gelmesini istemem. Sevdiğim insanlığım, milletim için kendimi evet ama ailemi işkenceye maruz bıraktıramam. Özür dilerim. Kırptım bu eklentide yazılanların çoğunu. Sakladım. Ama şimdi yayınlayamayacağım.

Saat 08:40 4 Ocak 2017              Bahadır Gezer    İstanbul